miércoles, 24 de marzo de 2010

Would you like to go Abroad?

I`d like to go to France. I`d like to visit Saint Tropez. I`d like to travel there to look for a job. People are very nice and gentle, and the food is delicious. But in France life is very expensive. Who would like to return to Spain? I would not wish to return as I love to live in Saint Tropez.
In fact, I would like to go to Rumania as I`m a Rumanian. I only travel to Rumania to visit my relatives.

viernes, 12 de marzo de 2010

Description of a landscape

It is a snow covered landscape of the Sierra de Madrid in the area of Cotos pass.
The water falls down the river carriying the melted snow.
At the back of the landscape the pine forest appears with a few bushes near the river.
There is an enclosure next to the river.
It is a nice winter landscape of the Sierra de Navacerrada in Madrid.
The water of the stream goes down a long the vallery fed by the snow of the mountain slope.


Religion, origin, race and social status are all the bases of discrimination. But are these the only categories that should not be discriminated against?

Discrimination is an unfair behaviour towards a person, for this reason no one shuld be suffering from any type of discrimination.

Some people today are searching for equal rights and opportunities.

In my opinion, everyone should be more sensitive and humble.

To sum up all people are equal,although we have different habits, religion and culture.

We have to continue fighting to get a better world.


It is a large city, it is usually clean, expensive according to the area where you go, there are some great lines of transport such as buses, metro and train (Renfe). The fastest transport is the subway. Madrid is the capital of the Iberian Peninsula.
It is my favorite place, because it is my city and I love it, although noisy and peple wak with a lot of stress. The city has got shopping malls, theaters, cinemas, museums and exhibitions in them, so you can choose among a great variety to have a great time in it.
I love the city because I have got very good memories of this city.

Young people shuld do voluntary work

Some people say that young people only want to have fun, but young people are not like that.
In my view, more young people do several jobs to help the society.
Obviously, when the military service was compulsory, every young men should go to the army, and they served as soldiers to his country. Based on what I have seen and heard, everyone should do the military service, as they seem to be happy when they remember that experience.So, I strongly believe that the government should impose military service again, that way young people would have fun, but learn a job , and would enjoy their military service in a modern way.

Young Pople Should Do Voluntary Work

In my opinion, young people should not do voluntary work. Because they would want to do voluntary work, but it should not be requiered. On the one hand if young people do voluntary work they would take some jobs away. Because if there are young people to work in gardens, or help the disabled, there are two examples in which some people work. But young people can do other work as volunteers: to help to distribute food and gather,and help in communal kitchens, make company to the elderly who are alone, if the young men or wemen want to.
In conclusion, young people should do voluntary work only in case it is optional for them.

Do you Think Recycling is Important ?

In my opinion recycling is very important because it helps the environment and in the long term to save the Earth. It allows us not to spend so many natural resources from the Earth. If we give a sollution to the expenses of our natural resources, our disregard could cause us great dispair because there is no time to lose. An example is the hole in the ozone layer in the North Pole is a global warning. And If we don`t worry all about the dangerous effects ther would not be a solution. But the benefits will not be only in favour of nature,recycling is a way to save resources a much lower cost.
For this reason, I would advise every one that they should recycle costantly.

Going Abroad

I'd like to go abroad to know about different cultures...


I would visit the British Museum and then

do you like going abroad?

viernes, 5 de marzo de 2010

Would you like to go abroad?

I wouldn't like to go abroad, because I don't speak foreign languages, but if I spoke English well, I would got to USA on holiday, and I would visit New York and I would take a lot of photograps, which I would probably upload in my flickr.
I would only stay ther for 2 weeks.

Would you like to go abroad?

I'd like to go abroad to th USA because it is a where there are so many people of different cultures. I'd like to know all about this 'melting pot' culture, the museums, the Metropolitan Museum, the MOMA, an all the parks, just to be like a tuorist. I would visit Central Park at Christmas, I remember that from many films, and I'd like to learn English, but I found it rather difficult.
I don't like the food as it very American, lets say, junk food. I'd like to change Euros into Dollars, and I would climb up to the Empire State Building. I would go to Los Angeles, California, then I'd visit Miami...and the Northern States.
But I should go with company. I need to start a new life and spend a time in Miami beach. I'd like to work in the Motown Records, and drive a Harley Davison.
I would like to go to Graceland in Memphis, to visit the house where Elvis used to live until his death. There we could see his grave, as it is the second most visited house after the White House.

Would you like to go abroad?

I want to go abroad to know about a new culture and to see different countries, and to do some sightseeing. I would also like to have and find new adventures and I would try to learn a new lenguage.
I also want to go abroad to take pictures of different landscapes from Canadá, and North America, but I wouldn´t go to countries where they do not respect women rights, as they have repressive politics. I only would go abroad on holiday for one moth or two.
I don´t like to be away from family and friends a lot of time, because they are essential to me and I need to be near my home.I only would go abroad on holiday as a tourist, to enjoy landscapes and cities in Europe and all over North America.

Would you like to go abroad?

I want to go abroad because I want to have a new life, and look for a new job. I'd like to visit Ney York or London, because I know how to speak English well. If I go the London this summer, as I understand English, I'd like to have a new job, because I don't like my job in Spain. I want a better job facing to the public, such as a tourist guide. I like the people who travel to differents places. I also want to visit new places and I want to know about a new culture. I also want very much to take photographs from all the places that I will visit