viernes, 18 de junio de 2010

My Holiday This Summer

In July I will go away with my family for a week on vacations to Santo Domingo. We are flying and we are going to stay in the hotel Blue Day. There I will be able to enjoy the lonmg beaches and the fantastic crystel water that exist there. We will also know the Island by means of the excursions that the hotel will organize.

In our return we 'll go for 2 days to Italy where my aunt lives. I'm very enthusiast since long ago I haven't seen her long ago.

On Holiday

My next holiday.
Mynex holidays will be the best of my life I hope. I need a lots of things to have a good time.
In August I will go to my village with all my family and all my friends.I like my village because have many things to do. At any moment I can go to the beach and visit La Coruña to do anything.
When I go there, my friends always hinvete me to have a drink. Also, there one thing that I dont like, my friends says that I look like Pique. He is an important player of Barcas team.
I hope this holiday will be very funny to me, also I will try get some money to do many sports.

Difference Between UK and US English

English, as we all know, is considered as the universal language. It is spoken all over the world. However, you will also notice that people all over the world are using different types of English. Let’s take a closer look at these two popular types: UK and US English.
Even if both types of English are widely used, there are some differences that will be worth knowing to identify the type of English that you are using.

US English is what we know as the American English which is widely used in the United States. UK English, on the other hand, is known as the British English. Some also call it the BBC English since it is the English used by British reporters, and another name for it is the Queen’s English.
In terms of vocabulary, some words in US English may mean something different in UK English. For example, the word biscuit for the British means baked sweet or savoury cake that is hard when baked and softens over time; while in the US it is a quick bread served with savoury foods.
With regards to pronunciation, American English is more nasal. Stress is also another difference to consider. Just like in the word princess, British stress the second syllable while Americans stressed the first.

Grammar approach also poses some difference between the two. US English makes use of simple past tense in situations where British will use the present perfect tense. This sometimes creates confusion since the rules and use of grammar is different between the two.
Whether you prefer to use US or UK English, you have to familiarize yourself with how each one is used to ensure that messages are sent clearly.
1.US English is identified as American English while UK English is more popularly known as British English.

2.US English may stress a word on the first syllable while UK English will normally put stress on the second syllable.
3.US English adopts the –og on some word endings instead of the –ogue that UK English prefers.

4.US English make use of simple past tense in sentences while UK English will use present perfect tense.

A visit to Madrid

The Paseo de la Castellana crosses Madrid from North to South, and a certain area is also the name of the Paseo de Recoletos and Paseo del Prado. As it crosses Alcalá street, is the Cibeles square, where you can also see, on one side the imposing post office and the other the Casa de América. Alcalá forward will run into the Park del Buen Retiro. But if we follow the direction of the Paseo de Recoletos to the Atocha station, it crosses the Neptune square and give to the Paseo del Prado. Here begins the famous golden triangle axis or the arts. On one side of the walk, the Prado. Then the Botanic Garden, the other side of the street, the Thyssen Museum, and finally, up the street Atocha, The Museum Reina Sofía.

description of Dracula

His eyebrows were thick and bushy, almost meeting over his nose, which was long and thin. His mouth, partly hidden under the heavy moustache, was fixed and rather cruel-looking, whith sharp white teeth protruding over the lips. His ears were pale and the tops were extremely pointed; his chin was broad and strong and his cheeks firm but thin.
I had notice the backs of his hands as they lay on his knees in the firelight and they had seemed rather white and dine; but seeing them now close to me, I realised that they were rather coarse - broad, with squat fingers. Strange to say, there were hairs in the centre of the palms. His nails were long and fine and cut to a sharp point.

Change of time

-Estilo directo -Estilo indirecto

-Here -There

-Now -Then

-Today -That day

-This morning -That morning

-Tonight -That night

-Tomorrow -The nex day / The following day

-Yesterday -The day before / the previous night

-Last night -The night before / The previous night

-Next week -The following week

-Last week, etc -The previous week / The week before

Two weeks ago -Two weeks before that

miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010

Go to Shanghai

I would like to go to Shanghai to see my brother and his family, so that I will go to see some monuments and interesting places. I will go to Shanghai in August,play with my nieces and sister-in-law and my brother and we will visit diferent places.

Expressions of Time




Viaje a la Alcarria

I would like to follow the steps of Don Camilo José Cela and discover the lands of Guadalajara.

domingo, 13 de junio de 2010


The communication is something that goes with humans because we need to communicate with each other and it was essential from the beginnig of time, (see the film 2001).
At the beginning of time humans communicated throught body signs, signals and sounds in the open space and in the environment.
Later on it changed into letters, oral language, written messages and books Then the phone was invented, fax, up to the new mobile phone, then the computer with the Internet and wireless devices we have today.
At the present means of communication are changing rapidly every day more and is common to all people because they do not know how to live without being able to communicate and it is very useful to get in touch with relatives abroad .

The news

The news has been very important throughout the history of mankind, because they have helped them to make people aware of what was happenig in their city and nearby places.
Today the news tell us about things that happen worldwide from Canada to India or fron Spain to Japan.
Formerly the news was told orally or through written communications in public places, such as churches, town hall, etc...
At present, how to communicate the news is very diverse, with new technologies such as computer and the Internet it is easier and faster through e-mail, videos or photos.
They also continue to use more traditional methods such as newspapers, magazines, or following the oral tradition on the street.
In conclusion, the news has been and is currently a very important means of communication between people and us more than about person to person.

sábado, 12 de junio de 2010

An unexpected accident

All they were in the garden of the school playing,make happy,euphoric,adundance of vitality...
When my friend happen an idea,to swing with the string that was surrounding the garden, they encouraged me to do it.I was nervuous an,I said they are going to swing.
They all were swinging,when I come they all decided to swing me. They did it in such a away that I went to hit against the wall and fell to the soil almost unconscious.The director of the school I ask foor the culprits.I did not accused anybody and they punished them all.
Ultimately they decided to remove the string of the garden,in order that other pupils were not commiting the same act.

viernes, 4 de junio de 2010


Children under the age of 13 should not use a mobile phone, because they are too young.Mobile-phones are very dangerous for the children, because they can turn into a mobile phone addicts, and they will not study at home.
Mobile phones are only to be used by grown-up people that they are more responsible than children are. In my opinion, the callon mobile phones in young children is very worrying, because I don´t think it is healthy for children to keep on talking for long on their mobile phone.
In conclusion, the of mobile phone should not be recomended to be used by children because they are not ready to handle it.

The Last Book I Have Read.

The last book I have read was The Legend of Huma of Richard aknaak of the collection of Dragolance. I read it a moth ago. This collection tells the story of a magical world kryn in this world of magician dwarves, elves and the warrios of Samia, with the good dragon, fighting Dragons of Dark goddess and their armis. In The Legend of Huma, telles the story of warrios of Solamia, whose name is Huma, who afther a series of adventure with his friends, one friend is a child who is a magician, an hunderbull, an earl, another warrios of Solmia and silver-dragon, tagg them self the only weapon capable of defeating the Dark goodess Takkesi. And the end is in the book.
I liked the book and because is fiction. I have mentioned this book, as it was recomended to me. If anyone is interested I can loend it to you.


To ride on a bicycle is one of the best exercises for health, as you work less.
A bicycle occupies less space than a car.You can forget petrol, the ITV, the taxes and saves money in insurances and in repairs.The bicycle reduces the number of cars and reduces the pollution.It makes you feel free, and independent. You can also forget traffic jams and problems of parking.The bicycle is faster than the car in short urban distances.It is more efficientb that the car in energy terms, consumes 12times less than a full car to carry a person.
This would help to be more ecological.

My Ideal Holiday

My ideal holiday will be a survival advnture in Australia. I wan to learn more and I would like moving all over the world. I don´t habe many tools to travel. As soon as I finish the adventure travel I will be able to go to the beach, to practise some sports. I want to go Autralia because is new continet and it involve some risks.

Should children under 13 have mobile phone?

I think that children under 13 should have their own mobile phone, becase it can be useful in certain situations. Having a mobile phone just to enjoy it is not the best solution, but parents can be more relaxed, because they could phone their children at any moment, and know where they are, and what they are doing. Of course, children could be calling their friends all the time, and it can be dangerous, as it could turn into an addiction. But I think that education is what matters, so parents should teach their children the way to act and how to take control of it.

Mobile phone

The mobile phone is an invetion that today many people use.The first phones were big and heavy,but now they are small and have many accesories,for example, you can take pictures, you can use the internet, you can play games, use a calculator,etc.
There are people who use movile phones to stay and lead to aggresion toward other.
The are people who shouldn't be allowed to use a mobile phone.
Another problem is that children also have mobile phones, when they should not.

I use the movile phone every day. I don`t call every day but it has saved me from several difficulties. A mobile phone is a useful tool, and necessary only when we use the mobile phone in a responsible way.

Some people believe that children under the age of 13 should not a have a mobile phone

In my opinion, children under 13 years of age should not have mobile phones, because their parents can also move without a mobile phone. They need to be free. The mobile phone also can cause addaction and it is not necessary in life.
In conclusion, children need not to use a mobile phone until they are older.

An Inusual Experience with a Mobile Phone

My parents give me my first mobile phone when I was 16 years old. My mobile phone was smashed two months ago by me.
I was talking to my friends, however, while we were walking I got a very bad news: my dog was missing!
Then, I rang with my phone home, but anyone answered the phone.
I was very angry and I took my mobile phone and I threw it against the floor. Two hors later my dog appeared near my house, but I had to buy a new mobile phono, because mine had been destroyed.


I think that children under the age of 13 shouldn't have a mobile phone, because the mobile phone is not esential for our life. In my opinion, if some children have got mobile phones there could be some advantages and disadvantages.
First when parents know where their sons are (in the park, at the cinema,...), they feel confident, although, children under the age of 13 shoulden't go out with friends until very late.
Another advantages, for example, can be if a child is stolen he can phone his parents more easily. I believe that a child don't need mobile phone.

My ideal holiday

I'm going to China. In China I will go to the best hotel where I could see any interesting place. I would like to eat in the best restaurant, I will have shushi and sake. In the afternoon I will go the beautiful park where I will see people walking, I will listen to the oriental music. At night, I will go to the party which Chinese go and they will show me the best places where I should enjoy. The next day, I will wake up and I will have breakfast in a nice place.
In the evening. I will take photographs and I will go shopping, if I could.

I'm here now, but I need a lot of money and I have to learn the language well. I want to go with my friends or with my family

My Ideal Holiday

My ideal holiday will be a the summer with my girlfriend.
We will be going to the Malaga, and will be walking along the beach and swiming.
We will go on excursions, and make a lot of photograps.
We will go to visit museums and exibitions, but we also want to rest a few days to disconnect from the routine.

My Ideal Holiday

On my ideal holiday, first I will go to the beach with my friends, and we will go to the party at night till the early morning. I will get up at sunrise and I will take a shower, and we will go to a coffe shop, we will walk along the beach.
When we finish the holyday in beach, we will go back home.
The next week, I will travel with my boyfriend to Holland, on Monday we will stay in the hotel and at night we will walk along the streetThe next day we would visit a museum and Anne Frank house too.
If we were rich, we would travel by boat along the city canals, but I don't speak Dutch lenguage. One friend told me that Amsterdam is a very beautiful and very enjoyable town. Amsterdam has alot of bridges and many street markets for flowers.