martes, 22 de diciembre de 2009

Merry christmas ...

... and a happy new year

viernes, 18 de diciembre de 2009

Silent Night.

Silent night, holy night!

All is calm, all is bright.

Round yon Virgin, Mother and Child.

Holy infant so tender and mild,

Sleep in heavenly peace,

Sleep in heavenly peace.

Silent night, holy night!

Shepherds quake at the sight.

Glories stream from heaven afar

Heavenly hosts sing Alleluia,

Christ the Savior is born!

Christ the Savior is born.

Silent night, holy night!

Son of God love's pure light.

Radiant beams from Thy holy face

With dawn of redeeming grace,

Jesus Lord, at Thy birth.

Jesus Lord, at Thy birth

All I Want for Christmas

I don't want a lot for Christmas
there is just one thing I need
I dont care about the presents
underneath the Christmas tree.
I just want you for my own
more than you could ever know
make my wish come true
all I want for Christmas is you.
I don't want a lot for Christmas
there is just one thing I need
I don't care about the presents
underneath the Christmas tree.
I won't even hang my stocking
there up on the fire place
Santa Clause won't make me happy
to leave a toy on Christmas day.
I just want you for my own
more that you could ever know
make my wish come true all.
I want for Christmas is you
I dont ask for much this Christmas
I wont even wish for snow
I just wanna see him wait in
underneath the misletoe
I won't make a list and send it
to the north pole for saint nick.
I won't even stay awake
to hear thoses magic raindeer play
cause I just want you here tonight
holdin on to me so tight
what more can I do
baby all I want for christmas is you.
All the lights are shineing
so brightly everywhere
so brightly baby
and the sounds of children laughter fills the air
and everyone is singing.
I hear thoses sleighbells ringing
Santa won't grant just what I really need
won't you bring my baby to me.
I don't want alot for Christmas
this is all im ask in for
I just wanna see my baby standin
right outside my door.
I just want you for my own
more than you could you ever know
make my wish come true
baby all I want for christmas is you.
Merry christmas everyone
Mariah Carey

jueves, 17 de diciembre de 2009


Wolverine is one the best action films of the year. Hugh Jackman plays the part of Logan. The film is about a mutant. The story takes place in Canada in 1987.
Logan is a normal person but with strange powers that noone knows until an evil organization of mutants make him one of them.
For that reason he is injected adamantium what causes him to go claw hands. Years later, and already retired, Logan advance the death of his wife and kills all mutants of the organization, including his brother.
This visual efect is spectacular this acting in general is excellent, Hugh Jackman is totally convincing as Victor Creed, and Laiya makes a brillant part. The plot is easy, and the dialogue is brilliant.
Another thing that I enjoyed, was the soundtrack which was really great. The film is amazing, it made me think of my recommendation that is to go and see it now.

miércoles, 16 de diciembre de 2009

Miguel Ángel Silvestre "El duque"

He is tall and slim. He is 27 yeras old. He is handsome. He has got brown eyes. He has got a stubbly beard. He has got black hair. He has got curly short hair. He has got oval face. He has got small nose and ears. He is shy and nice.

John Lennon's Biography

John Lennon achieved worldwide fame in the 1960s as a singer, songwriter and guitarist in one of the most successful bands of all time -The Beatles. He is credited as being the original and founding member of the band and was often referred to as "the smart one" of the group. He came from a working-class neighborhood in Liverpool England but was influenced by American Rock n Roll music and often named Elvis Presley as the artist who inspired him the most. As Lennon and The Beatles experimented with psychedelic drugs and embraced eastern philosophies they developed a new sound and greatly influenced the cultural movements of the 1960s with their style and social awareness. After the "Fab Four" disbanded in 1970, Lennon immersed himself in the counterculture scene, becoming an outspoken peace activist and producing avant-garde albums with his second wife, Japanese born, conceptual artist, Yoko Ono. John Lennon impacted society with his profound songwriting, innovative artistry and social views and continues to live on as an icon of musical genius.

BOB MARLEY. A Biography.

Robert Nesta Marley was born on February 6th 1945 in Nine Miles (Jamaica). At the end of the 50's, Bob and his mother went to Kingston. The rastafari religion was very important in his life.

In 1963, Bob Marley and other people formed a musical group, it was called Wailing Wailers. After several trips in the USA and Jamaica, he created another group The Wailers.

In 1975 someone abandoned the group, that was called Bob Marley and The Wailers.

A Hard Situation. A story.

When I was a boy, I was helping my mother with several bags of shopping, while my father drove the car, to keep it in the garage. Finally, I forgot a bag, and my father damaged the food with the wheel of the car.

Paul Gilbert's Biography

Paul Brandom Gilbert was born on November 6th, 1996 in Ilinois, USA. He is a musician and he's considerated one of the best guitarrist in the world. He can play bass, keyboards, percusion, vocals and electric guitar. He plays many musical genres like instrument rock, heavy metal and classical metal. He began play the guitar when he was 5 and when he was 15 he appeared the Guitar Player Magazine. In 1984 he moved to L.A. to study in the Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT). He became a teacher after a year. He also was teacher in the Japanese GIT. He was member of the mythical Hard Rock bands "Mr. Big" and "Racer X"

Rafa Nadal - A Biography.

Rafael Nadal is a famous tennis player. He vas born in Mallorca on June 3th, 1986.
He is the nephew of the football player, Miguel Ángel Nadal.

He won his first tournament when he was eight years old, and he has broken a lot of records along his life.
He is the youngest winner of Davis Cup with only eighteen years old.
In 2004, he won his first ATP's tournament beating the Argentinian player, Acasuso.
His tennis is based on the perseverance, he never gives any point up for lost and he isn't afraid any rival.
He is natural, humble and mature.
Lastly he spend his time with some hobbies like fishing, playing golf and videogames.

Eva Yerbabuena

Eva Maria Garrido Garcia. Frankfort (Germany), 1970.

Daughter of an Spanish emigrant worker, in spite os which she has been involved in flamenco all her life; at the age of sixteen she was already living in Granada. She is a complete dancer, with a technique that marvelously includes a most 'jondo' feeling. She started studying flamenco in Granada, with such teachers as La Mona, Angustillas del Sacramonte and Mariquilla. After that, she improved her technics with theatre lessons,with Juan Furest, choreography,with Johannes Garcia, and dance, with Javier Latorre and Mario Maya. After two years working with the latest, she started a career as a soloist, working with such people as Rafael Aguilar, Javier Latorre, Manuel Moreno Maya, Joselito Fernandez and Paco Moyano. In 1986, she did create her own Art School in Granada.

In 1992, she was awarded La Malena Prize in Cordoba for her soleá, but she refused it as she considered they had awarded precisely the dance she considered she had danced worse and that other prizes were not deserved due to their quality. In 1997, she was featured in "Flamenco Women", a documentary film directed by Mike Figgis. She dances with the Ballet Nacional de España since 1998.
She was married to the guitarist Paco Jarana.


The bicycle is a transport which has got many follwers and lots of advantages.
The most important advantage is the cyclist fights against the pollution of the environment, because if people used the bicycle as a means of transport the town wouldn't be polluted and the environment would be better.
Another advantage is that cycling is healthy, because with the bicycle, the inhabitants do sport every day, moreover, traffic-jams decreases and the citizens wouldn't pay the same, because the car is more expensive than a bicycle

My Opinion Of Recycling

Nowadays, recycling is very important, as our future depends on all what we recycle.
I think that recycle must have some facilities to make the task, because it isn´t very comfortable to have three different plastic buckets in our kitchen.
In some cities or zones don´t exist the necesary containers for recycling.
We must keep the planet clean, the recycling is the most important tool for keep the balance of our future


Cañizares was born on the 18 of December of 1969 in Madrid, Spain.
When he was a child, he started playing in the strong team Ochoa.
At 16 years the entry in the category minor of the Real Madrid.
Then in 1990 he went to the Elche team and in 1992 he arrived to Celta de Vigo team, he went to the first level.
In 1994,1995, the Real Madrid it signed up ,he was whit them four years.
In 1998 he accepted the offer of the Valencia CF.

Cañete has got several title sports( the leagues of Soain of 2001,2002,2003 and 2004; the cup of the king and several more.

The is a very nice boy and was the beste player of my team of 2006.


Muhammad Ali is a retired American boxer, philantropist, social activist. Born Cassius Marcellus Clay on January 17, 1942, in Louisville, Kentucky. Once one of the top American boxers, Muhammad Ali has shown that he is not afraid of any fight, inside or outside the ring. Growing up in the segregated South.
He started boxing with twelve because a big guy stole his bike.
He was three times World Heavyweight Champion, who is widely considered one of the greatest heavyweight championship boxers of all time. As an amateur, he won a gold medal in the light heavyweight division at the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome. After turning proffesional, he went on to become the first boxer to win the lineal heavyweight championship three times.

Originally known as Cassius Clay , Ali changed his name after joining the Nation of Islam in 1964, subsequently converting to orthodox Islam in 1975. In 1967, Ali refused to be inducted in to the U.S. military based on his religious beliefs, and in opposition to the Vietnam War. He was arrested and found guilty on draft evasion gharges, stripped of his boxing title, and his boxing license was suspended. He was not imprisoned, but did not fight again for nearly four years , while his appeal worked its way yup to the U.S. Supreme Court, where it was successful.

His nickname was "The Greatest", Ali was involved in several historic boxing matches. Notable among these are three with a rival Joe Frazier and one with George Foreman, whom he beat by knockout to win the world heavyweight title for thesecond time. He suffered only five losses no draws in his career, while amassing 56 wins (37 knockouts and 19 decisions).

Modal Verbs

Function: Modal Verb:

Obligation : Have to; must; should;ought to.
No obligation : Need not; do not have to.
(In)ability : Can.
Probability : Might.
Advice : Should.
Permision : Can; may; be allowed to.
Prohibition : Must not.


She was born in Alejandria between 355 or 370 d.c. and lived of 415 or 416.
She was a philosopher and main Roman neo-platonist, from Egipto , that she was outstanding in Mathematics and Astronomy and she was a member and leader of the neo-platonist of Alejandria at the beginning of the 5th century.
She was interestedin logical studies and sciences , taking an ascetic life.
Daughter of the astronomer Teón , Hypatia is the first mathematical woman of the history of mankind.
She wrote books on Geometry , Algebra and Astronomy and improved the desing of the astrolabes and invented the hidrómetro.
Hypatia died at an advanced age 45 or 60 years , killed by a christian rebel.

Dani Martín

Daniel Martín García was born in 1977 in Alcobendas, is a singer and Spanish actor. He is a composer, leader and vocalist of the group of pop rock "El Canto del Loco".

Of small towards playbacks in his home. At the age of 14 he began working in tv presenting "Ponte las pilas". He enters in some schoolof theatre for seven years. In these years Dani he is imployed at several plays, since they are "Historias en blues", "Cachorros".

From his formation as actor, Dani Martín has developed numerous works as actor of cinema, between which protagonist includes his paper in Fernando León de Araona's "Sirenas". Without Joaquín Oristell, Sinfín de Carlos Villaverde and Manuel Sanabrina, or "Yo soy la Juani" of Vigas Luna. In series of television like "Cuenta atrás", "Al salir de clase", "Policías", "Raquel busca su sitio", "Petra delicado", "Siete vidas" or "Hospital central". "Los hombres de Paco" or his small intervertion in the movie "Los abrazos rotos", directed by Pedro Almodóvar.

From the year 2000, Daní Martín arrages his labor at the head of the group of Spanish pop "El canto del Loco", with his incursions in cinema and television.

My life

My name is borja I am an undergraduate, my hobbies is football and I like to be the console sports journalist and my dream would be global correspondent and this is my life.

The Photograph

The thing I like most is a picture of my friend in Bolivia.
It's a gift they made me,so I love that picture and it something special for me.
It's a photograph that caught my attetion especially when I travelled from Bolivia to Spain,all went so fast that I brought no recollection of them,that made me very sad,so a friend who lives in Malaga went on holiday to Bolivia,my friends were with her and gave her the picture and some very sweet cards with autographs.
The simple act of observing the picture fills me with joy thet reminds ne of the stages that marked my life so memorably.
This picture is wait in a samll newspaper that is also a litle reminder of them.


The thing I like most is my car, because it is my first and single car, with my car I can go anywhere and I do come to class every day, even more whe it is cold or rainy days I can switchon the heating, I also use it to travel at the weekends or on holiday, It is a car that needs little fuel, has sports seats and it is very comfortable. I like its metallic dark gray colour, it has got an electric sunroof for the trips I can feel the wind without being disturbed, it has got a very good radio that allows me to connect my ipod, it is an easy car to drive, and although I cannot drive very fast and it has not the power that I would like to, it's my car and I like it so much.

My country, Spain.

The best of my country is our monuments such as the cathedral of Santiago, his art is very well known for example, the Gernica. Food and drink depends on the variety of regions, and all excelent example Traditions are original and spectacular. People in my country are very kind, however, in my country there are bad things like politics, the traffic in our cities, rise the level of pollution and there are a lot of work in twon.

In conclusion, my country, Spain isn´t perfect. However in my opinion there are more things to be proud of than ashamed of.


My name is Juan Jose and I work in the army forces in the specialty of firefighter and my work is very refortante and is quite fun and feel the pleasure that save lives on fire and then a fireman from madrid if there is to save lives.

domingo, 13 de diciembre de 2009

A Story ...

Long, long time ago, German was living with his parents in a very small country and in a hause beside a river. One morning he got up very early to go to the forest to catch berries for breakfast. He saw two rabbits playing, he followed then and afther a while he didn't know anything about that place. He began to pick up blackberries and when he had just sat down, suddenly he saw the two rabbits again playing and he began to follow them...

My Favourite Object

My favorite thing is a book, but not an ordinary book. The book is called Vademecum. In this book there are the human pathologies, besides its anatomy. It has also got a section about all medicaments that exist, its characteristics and its active principles, in addiction to the treatment for the disease. The Vademecum also contains the names of the laboratories that make medicines and some generals, but not all, because a medication is usually when the patent ends lavoratory.
In the leaves of the book there also appears human physiology of the body, explains the fuctioning of every organ. Besides the book has got explanatory drawings.
In the last few leaves, there is a raking index for each part of the book, since it has got more than a thousand pages.
This book cannot be bougth at stationery stores. The doctors and nurses who end up their studies need it for the exams aand then they get rid of it.
I have got tis Vademecum because I am working in a hospital in the morning and a nurse has given it to me as a present.

Madrid, My Town.

My city is diferent from the others in it typical food, such the Cocido(stew) and Paella.In the musical field we have got the 'Zarzuela' typical dances, Chotis and Sevillanas. Concerning the transport we have different kind such as the metro or bus, all makes an excellent means of comunication with all the districts around the town.
In addiction, there are very insteresting museums like Reina Sofia or Prado Museum, In the town there are aslo great important parks like the Retiro or very big and natural areas such as El Pardo, in the northwest of Madrid.
But what makes it different from other towns are the kindest people of the city!

viernes, 11 de diciembre de 2009

The Fight Club

The film is The Fight Club, is one on the best intrige films of the year. Brad Pitt plays the part of Tyler Durden who is the main character of the film. The story takes place in USA 1999. The film is about a Tyler Durden whoi is a problem and start living a double life, creates a soap company and the fight club

The actings in general is excellent, Edwar Norton is totally convincing as Tyler Durden and Helena Bonham is Carter makes a brillant Marta Singer.

The plot is little dificult to follow and the dialoge is brillant. Another think that I enjoyed was the soundtrack wich was really great. This is films amazings. It made me cry. My recommendation it to go it now

Edson Arantes do Nascimento

Edson Arantes do Nascimento, more well-known in the world as "Pelé", was born in Tres Coraçôes, a smoll village of Brazil, in 1940. Pelé is the best football player of all times.
In 1956, when Pelé was young, he was 16 years old, he started to play football in the Santos club.With his national team, they played and won 3 world championship, in the years 1958, 1962 and 1970. With his club, they won 11 national tittles, 2 Soth America cups, and 2 betwencontinental cups. On the 20º November of 1969, Pelé marked his goal number 1000 (also, until the end of his life, he will have got 1281 goals).
In 1971, Pelé abandoned the national team, but he was playing in his club, until the year 1974, when Pelé changeg his team (because he played in United States club for 2 years).
In 1977, football star said goodbay to play another time at this sport.
In 1994 he started to work as a Minister of Sport in Brazil.

Trip to Cádiz:

It was the first trip with my car and my family, it was a very long trip. I was going to visit a family who lives there. We visited different and interesting places of Cádiz, for example Puerto de Santa María, Paseo Marítimo in Chipiona, and Rota, the most beautiful town.
I had not been to Cádiz for a long time. There we stayed at my father's cousin home. After seven days we returned to Madrid.

Trip to Lebanon

From December 2006 to 2008, I was a soldier, part of the BRIPAC (paratrooper brigade).When I arrived at the military base, that was my home for two years, some of my partners were in Lebanon distributed over the country. They were there for 3 months when in the afternoon on the 31th of June seven partners suffered a terrorist attack and six were killed.
The next day in the military base of Madrid, where I was paying my service, the Sergeant told us what happened, that some soldiers had to replace the dead partners. Then,6 parners and me decided to offer our services to replace them. We were volunteers to go to Lebanon. In the same week we fill all the necesary papers and the next day we took a plane to Beirut. That was the first time I travelled by plane. After five hours we arrived at Beirut and from there we took a car to the base that suffered the terrorist attack. We were in the 9/15 base for fifteen days, those days were very hard, because the mood of the people were a bit down. There were15 days of hard work and endurance but it was an experience that I will never forget.


She is a catwalk model.
She is very tall and pretty.
She has got long brown hair and blue eyes.
She has got white complexion.
She has got small ears and she isn`t wearing a earrings and rings.
She is wearing a blue leggings and orange skirt and leather shoes.
She is wearing a white sweater.
She is a very quiet and kind person.
She is a perfect model.

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Hello friends,
how are you all!

viernes, 26 de junio de 2009

Gone Too Soon.

Like A Comet
Blazing 'Cross The Evening Sky
Gone Too Soon

Like A Rainbow
Fading In The Twinkling Of An Eye
Gone Too Soon

Shiny And Sparkly
And Splendidly Bright
Here One Day
Gone One Night

Like The Loss Of Sunlight
On A Cloudy Afternoon
Gone Too Soon

Like A Castle
Built Upon A Sandy Beach
Gone Too Soon

Like A Perfect Flower
That Is Just Beyond Your Reach
Gone Too Soon

Born To Amuse, To Inspire, To Delight
Here One Day
Gone One Night

Like A Sunset
Dying With The Rising Of The Moon
Gone Too Soon

Gone Too Soon

domingo, 21 de junio de 2009

A Day Out On the Mountain Range.

First you have to take a lot of drinking water and some food.
The second, take some winter clothes in case the weather changes, and very important, take a map with you if you don´t know the area.
When you have all these things in your bag, you can start your trekking on the mountain, much better if you go with some friends, but remember, when you return you have to take the rubbish with you.
It is also advisable to get a book with information about the route you are taking.

The Billboards

I really don't like any kind of ads. They only want to fill our mind with all the rubbish they produce. So, ordinary people help them to become millonaire.

To keep all these expensive commercial structures means to support all these products, which, on the other hand, could help poor children in the third world.
For me, all these marketing companies are only working on their own benefit. So, we should be aware and be rather critical on all these products that are invading our mind day after day.

domingo, 14 de junio de 2009

Going to the Summer.

We decided that instead of a long trip we would go to the Pyrenees. So we need sport shoes and mountain boots, comfortable clothing, rain coats in case it rains, a bag, water and picnic food, a helmet, and some ot the climbing equipement: harness,alpenstocks, piolets, crampons.

The elected place will be the Vall of Nuria, which is located in the oriental Pyrenees in the municipal term of Queralbs. It is surrouned by peaks of above 3000 meters. The trip would last three days.

The first day we will go climbing, ascension to the top the venue will be Nou Creus where we will stay for four or five hours.

The second day we will go hiking to the Pedrisses for about two or three hours.

The third day we will go cycling to the Camivell.
The picnic will take place along the route in the magnificent scenery of Vall of Nuria. There we could enjoy the landscape and be in contact with nature.

sábado, 13 de junio de 2009

A Trip to Navacerrada. How to Spend a Few Days in the Mountains.

My friends and I have thought about going on a trip to the mountains. For that reason we will need sleeping bags, drinking water, food, winter coats in case the weather is cold.
Our place of destination will be the mountains of Madrid, and we would like to climb La Bola del Mundo in order to see Madrid from above.
When we will be there, we will observe and examine the flora and the fauna. We will see all the type of animals and the diversity of flowers.
One of my friends knows a lot about environment, therefore we will learn how to name the plants and the characteristics of different animals that we will see. At night we will stay in a tent or a cave, where we will sleep and eat.
We will repeat the same for about three days.
We would like to enjoy this unforgetable excursion.

viernes, 12 de junio de 2009



First of all we have to know the place where we are going, the conditions of the area, if it is a zone which requires a good physical condition or not.
The second thing is to know about the meteorogical conditions and to carry a good mountain equipment with boots and a coat.
In the mountain it can be done a lot of activities, for example, trekking in the different routes that we can find or study, the fauna and the flora in that place.
You can also explore cycling routes on a bicycle, or to climb the highest peaks in the mountains and to watch and enjoy a lot the landscapes in order to have an idea of the place where you are in.
There can be another activities for people who like extreme sports, like rafting or climbing.

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martes, 9 de junio de 2009


My cat is called Tom, she is 12 years old and is a mixture of siamese and street cat.

She has got dark brown and dark ears and almost a black tail, with a white mouth, neck and gauntlets and white socks also.

We have a good time and get on very well together. Acording to how, when and where she meous, she means she wants eating, someone to open the door in order to go out or to walk up the stairs, or simply she wants to stay in the upper part. It is a bit demanding, but I like staying with her a lot.

domingo, 7 de junio de 2009


In the first place, the advantages are that if you live in a rented flat, you can live wherever you want, and you can be free to live, and you do not depend on the comunity to pay, and there isn't any mortage to pay to the bank.
On the other hand, the disadvantages are that you have to adapt yourself to the conditions and rules of the owner, for example, you can not have pets in the flat, you cannot make changes of furniture, neither you can do any repairs or any transformation in the house.
Another disadvantage is that you have to adapt yourself to the price that the owner asks you. And the mos important, the owner can ask you to leave when he wants but normally in fifteen days under previous notice.

It could be good to live in a rented flat while you save money and time, but it should be better to have your own house.

jueves, 4 de junio de 2009

Are Interactive Hoardings an Invasion of Privacy

Interactive hoardings have a lot of advantages, you can find the advertisment quickly because it has a lot of images and sounds, it's not necessary to read anything and there are a lot of defferent advertisements, so you can watch only that what you like.
But, on the other hand, interactive hoardings have many disadvantages, for example, you can"t stop the advertisement running if you don't like it and it is an invasion of your privacy. The new advertisments have got many kinds of visual art and in less than four minutes you can see a lot of different advertisemrnts and read any kind of information. Privacy is not respected. So people who create the advertisements do not have to interfere other people wishes.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in a Rented Flat.

If you decide to live in a rented flat, there are a lot of advantages, people have to face, for example:

  • freedom to leave a bad job; if the job makes you unhappy, you can live without much money and you have more free time to find a better job that makes people feel happier.

  • Freedom to do what you would enjoy, you can decide to carry out plans that let you learn, meet interesting people or just have fun; but the most important is that you are growing and learning and these things are important in life; and you also have time to study…

Concerning disadvantages, renting a flat implies personal instability. Renting contracts means deadlines landlord wants to, whereas tenants are forced to move somewhere else. It is similar to living on the road. Tenants have to be ready to leave as soon as the landlord asks you to.

Trobar de Morte

Trobar de Morte is a folk medieval music group.
They play a lot of instruments to create their music. They transmit the essence of Medieval world of fantasy and lengends.
They have registered singles about Celtics, about the legend of King Arthur, the mythical criatures and others similar themes.
Trobar de Morte is composed of three members in the band and a great number of partners or collaborators.
Lady Morte-we can hear her voice- she plays flutes, writes lyrics and composes music
Arianne, we hear her voice and she also plays drums
Armand, plays guitars and also pleys drums

The collaborators play the violin, bagpipes, flutes,etc...
I like this gruop a lot!! Listen to it and enjoy yourselves.

domingo, 31 de mayo de 2009

Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in a Flat

I think that living in a flat is better than living in a house, because you can clean it faster and it can be very cosy. We have neighbours and we can count on them.
On the other hand, the walls in a flat are very thin and unfortunately you can listen to your neighbours. You have to respect them because living in a community it is supposed that there should be some rules to be respected, such as not to make any noise after 10:00, or not ot use any electric appliances at night, etc.
In conclusion, I think that living in a flat has more disadvantages than advantages, but, at the moment, we can´t afford to buy a house, because we have great difficulties in paying our mortgage for a small flat.

sábado, 30 de mayo de 2009

How to Prepare an ERASMUS.

The first thing is to know which country you are going to and the people you are going with. Then you have to get the right information about the accommodation and the place where you are going to live.
It is important to carry the passport with you and to have your right documents, to have enough money saved because you can have an emergency. It is always advisable to have a mobile phone to contact someone, so you can get help in case you need it.
Another important thing is to have someone who can inform you about the university, the town, and the area you are going to stay for one year.
Then get the most of it, and enjoy your life.
A rivederchi!


Advertisement is a good way of publishing the advantages of the products that the factories want to sell, so that people know the existence of this goods and they can have interest to acquire those products.
But we have a commercial invasion in all the Media as well as on television, radio, and newspapers.
We are surrounded by advertisements everywhere and for a lot of time. It is very amnoying, for example, when you are watching tv you have to put up with long commercial periods that interrupt films or documentary films you like.


Living in a rented flat can be very easy or very difficult, it depends on who do you live with. You can live on your own and without people. In this last case you cannot share the house duties.
You can meet a flatmate who is responsible and another who are very lazy and do not help in the house hold duties.
A disadvantage is that the house will never belong to you, if you want to be a home owner. But on the other hand you will probably pay lower rent per month instead of buying a house.

jueves, 28 de mayo de 2009

Do Animals Have really Got Emotional Lives

It has been able to demonstrate these days that humans and animals have the some structure and neurological function, they have qualitative differences but animals are able to feel emotions. Emotions are composed of four aspects:
-subjective cognitive processes -leading to feelings,
-biological-evolutionary functions,
-psysicological-autonomous nervous system,
-hormones,social-conduct aspect.
Basic emotions of animals
Suffering: animals may have a more intense suffering than humans, because they haven't got the ability to anticipate the situation that causes pain, the fear of a new and unknown event will increase their anxiety and suffering further.
Fear: when to attack, the alternative to escape for the animal is impossible to have. There is no choice to face fear.
Anxiety: when it is unnecessary it can hurt the animal, only to have to it here as a warning.
Frustations: when animals are faced to a conflict that can not elude, this many damege inducing the presentation of conduct problems as mutilation or estenotipias.

martes, 26 de mayo de 2009

My Favourite Music

I love music, I usally listen to it to test my feelings, when I am happy or when I am sad. The styles of music that I usually listen to are very variable. I don´t like flamenco music very much, and Funk is my favourite style. My favourite singers are Celtas Cortos though they have turned into a commercial kind of product. Then Laura Pausini who I am charmed with, since I was 6 years old. Alex Ubago I like him too because he is very kind with his fans. I met him once in the town centre of Madrid and he talked to me. My favourite song is What´s a Feeling of Irene Cara.

A Trip to the Canary Islands

This holy week has been special because I enjoyed it a lot. I celebrated my birthday in the beach. I went to pay a visit to a classmate. I visited 70% of the coast by car and I swam in some beaches, but I climbed the mountains too to see Roque Nublo, from where one can see the Island of Tenerife and the peak of the Teide. I visited the area where they celebrate the carnivals such as in Las Palmas and then the whole area of the harbour and the town including the Science Museum.

What I Would Like to Become

I would be charmed with being devoted to the education, teaching sports to young people, but I haven´t decided up my mind yet to study a special subject when I leave school. I would like to do something related to English, because it seems to m to be easis and with a foreign language you have more oppotunities to applay for a job, apart from being only an English teacher. Another option I would like to take into consideration would be my interested to work in kindergarden, though I prefer working with older ones. Since I haven´t decided it yet, I belive that I would make my mind up as soon as I enter the University.
Bye for now.

My Perfect Mate

I have'nt got a boy´s physical prototype, but physically I would like him to be kind who looks after himself. My ideal boyfriend has to be mature and independent and who looks after his money in a reasonable way. He has to have a good sense of humour and make myself laugh, be kind but without being a too demanding person, that he trust me and I could trust him. We could share things together, we could count on eachother. He has to be gentle in the right things and understanfdable in the wrong things done, he should be optimistic and make me an enthousiastic person which should be able to rise my spirit. But really owerall the most important aspect for me would be that he has a respectful person.

domingo, 24 de mayo de 2009


Interactive hoardings have advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that you rapidly can find the advertisement without having to stop, to read, and to have the possibility of changing the advertisement.
The disadvatages are a great number, I think, as it is an invasion of privacy, because you can't decide when to stop these advertisemts and they are bombarding your mind.
On the other hand, digital technology should provide opprtunities for people who can not see or hear. In the future, digital advertisemts will be more harmful towards your privacy than now. Technology advances go very fast but we must learn how to respect the privacy of every individual, for example, with experts to examine the advertisemts before they appear on the screen. .

sábado, 23 de mayo de 2009


Consumption of television grows, but what really enhances the audience are ads which increasingly take up more time on schedule of various channels. Spanish television broadcast a lot of advertising. This is a perception that has not only the audience but the European Commission, which on Tuesday opened a file for this cause, but both share the same opinion. According to Elena Perez, spokesman of the Spanish Association of Advertisers, the effectiveness of the message of ads is, first, to observe the spirit of the law, which sets in 12 minutes the time that can take advertising channels, a time that is exceeded regularly according to Brussels. For its part, Alejandro Echevarría, president of UTECA the association of TV commercials, called for reducing the advertising time on public channels, but did not touch the private one.

Tv Commercials

Commercials are a tool to make products known, by the public, and it is used in many fields.
Firstly, I think that hoardings is a good way for people to know the trends of fashion and we can choose the best easily.
Secondly, I don´t agree with the ways of using it, because it is inconvenient on numerous occasions. In other words, if we are watching a film and commercials appear for half an hour, this provoke that we won´t continue watching it. Or that bad habit of using advertisement when the series is ending.
Thirdly and the last, I understand that advertising is continuously used on television or newspapers and radio... But they should study the most suitable form for the audience to get profit of it, so the don´t get tired easily.

In conclusion, commercials are necessary, but they have to know how to use it, and how to respect the customers.

miércoles, 20 de mayo de 2009


Queen was a British Rock band formed in 1970 in London by guitarrist Brian May, singer Fredie Mercury, drummer Roger Taylor and bassist John Deacon.
It was the most succesful British Band of the world in the late 30s. Queen is known for it´s musical diversity. The Sales of Queen around the world now exceeds 300 million records sold.
The death of Fredie Mercuty in 1001, caused the end of the band. At present, John Deacon left the band, while Roger Taylor and Brian May joined Paul Rodgers, free and Bad Company, formed the group Queen + Paul Rodgers.
Some greatest hits are: We Will Rock You, We Are the Champions and Bohemian Rhapsody.

domingo, 17 de mayo de 2009

Velázquez. Great Artists.

Look for:
Great Artistists 2001: Tim Marlow.
Domingo 26 Abril de 2009


The beatles were a British rock group.The quartet was formed in the city of Liverpool, England in 1957 and disbanded in 1970. It is regarded as one of the most influential and successful musicals of all time.
The group was composed of John Winston Lennon (Liverpool, october 9 , 1940 -New York, december 8, 1980) James Paul McCartney(Liverpool, june 18 , 1942) George Harold Harrison
(Liverpool february 25, 1943-Los Angeles november 29, 2001) Richard Starkey (Ringo Starr) (Liverpool july 7, 1940).
Although Lennon and McCartney were the principal composens, Harrison and Starr made significant contributions to the maturation of the band through the years. George Martin produced al their albums except Let it Be, produced by Phil Spector

If you want to listen to their music and lyrics, try

sábado, 16 de mayo de 2009

Famous Animals
There are famous animals on TV, in the cinema or even in cartoons…
One of them is the well-known dog, Rin-tin-rin (Spanish version) which I have read to be a German shepherd’s grandson. It survived the I World War. He got safe from bomb attacks and it was taken and adopted by an American Officer who took it to California. Over there, due to several circunstances, it became into a cinema actor; its children and grandchildren too. They were soldiers partens in Westerns. It was brave and it carried out impossible operations. Another famous film dog is Lassie who broke into the film industry in 1943.
Yet the most famous film animal is Chita, a film industry product, it is Tarzan’s partner.
The famous chimpacee was owned by an animal care taker who took him from Africa.
He tamed the chimpacee. Its owner became an millionaire thanks to it. Both of them managed to live profitably in their Californian residence.

viernes, 15 de mayo de 2009


I belive that animals think and can have emotions like humans.
The human being is an animal too, he has got instincts as well. We are not superior related to anybody and to anything. The human being needs Nature to survive.
The only thing that is not the some in humans and in animals is the intelligence which is superior in the first ones.
It has been discovered recently that animals can think but with limitations and that they can feel sensations, one of them is love.
Animals are wonderful beings who can predict natural disassters, they love the enviromment and they take care of others.

miércoles, 13 de mayo de 2009


Classical music is characterized by the use of instruments like the violin, base etc. Viena is the country represeting this music,here many musicians were born and also there lived some of them, like Beethoven, Haydn, Mozart.
Ludwig van Beethoven(16 december 1770-26 march 1827) was a German composer and a pianist. He was a crucial figure in the trasitional period beetween the classical and Romantic eras in western classical music, and remains one of the most acclaimed and influential composers of all times. Born in born,then he lived in the Electorate of Cologne in Germany, he moved to Viena in his early twenties and settled there, studying with Joseph Haydn and quickly gaining a reputacion as a virtuoso pianist. Bethoven hearing was gradually deteriorated, beginning in his twenties, yet he continued to compose, and to conduct and perform, even after he was completely deaf. Beethoven is acknowledged as one on the giants of classical music, occasionaly he is refferred to as one of the three Bs who epitomized that tradition. He was also a pivotal figure in the transition from 18th century musical classicism to 19th century Romanticism, and his influence on subsequent generations of composers as profound.

domingo, 10 de mayo de 2009

More about MUSIC.

Any culture has got music events. Music is related to a social group and its events are the expression of it. Music is universal in its content which has an emotional and sentimental base. Now there are many genres and styles of music.
Classical music
Beethoven: Is the last representative of the Vieness classical music, who has got many works like concerts for piano and violin.The most famous are his symphonies, above all The Seventh Symphony in La mayor /span>
On the other side Yann Tiersen:

Is a modern composer, born in Brest(France) 1970 and represents the cutting age in modern music, who has got beutiful works in violin and piano,for example: La valse des monstres,on tour, beutiful soundtracks for films: Amelie,Good Bye Lennin!, Alice et Martin and La Vie reveé des anges.
Rock music:
Red Hot Chili Peppers:Californication lik(Road Trippin,Othereside)
Nirvana(Smell like teen Spirit,Sliver,Been a Soon)
Green day...

viernes, 8 de mayo de 2009

Animals and Cinema


Asterix as a caracter was created in 1959 in Bobigny, France. The first chapter of Asterix The Gaul appeared in the French magazine Pilote. In 1961 the first collection under the same name was published. More than 6.000 copies were sold.
These comics have been translated into more than 150 languages and dialects around the globe, including Latin.
In Spain more tan 33 books have been published. Moreover, in Paris there is the Asterix Amusement Park, this park has rivalled Disneyland Paris since 1989.
More than 10 films have been inspired by the universe of the battle Gauls.
It´s an important icon in France. For example, the first satellite launched by French in 1965 was called Asterix, which takes the name from this famous character. I like cartoons very much,in this case it is me favourite film. I like cartoons more the films.

miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2009

Music: Simple Plan

Hi! I’m going to talk about a band that I love. Simple Plan is a Canadian quintet of punk-pop which is formed by Pierre Bouvier,singer, Jeff Stinco, guitar, Sèbastien Lefebvre, guitar and choirs, David Dasrosiers, bass and choirs and Chuck Comeau drum. With only thirteen years, in 1992, Pierre and Chuck formed a band called "Reset" with two friends. Chuck left the band to focus on studies, and later he realized his mistake and created another project, "Simple Plan", with two friends, Sèbastien and Jeff. They needed a singer, but they didn’t find any that they liked. By chance, Chuck run into Pierre and he accepted to get in the band. He started playing bass and singing, but what he wanted was singing and be closer to the public, because of it they contacted with David, who was replacing Pierre in "Reset" to play the bass in “Simple Plan”. Their lyrics speak about topics related to adolescence.

After several tours in Canada and having recorded some demos in 2002, Lava agreed to publish their first album: "No pads, no helmets ... just balls", involving two good friends of the band: Joel Madden (Good Charlotte) and Mark Hoppus (Blink-182). They managed to earn the young North American public, and only in the USA they sold more than one million and a half copies. The connection of the band with their fans was the result of their devotion to the street and to concerts. Three years later, in 2005 Simple Plan got "Still not getting any ... " their second album. In less than a year, Simple Plan visited all five continents and played over 300 shows. In 2008, Simple Plan show us their new album "Simple Plan", showing maturity in their lyrics. In 2005, they created “The Simple Plan Foundation” to help kids with problems like poverty, drugs and suicide.


Long time ago I saw a film about a dog trying to save his master who had had an accident.
The dog showed its anxiety by its repeated efforts to awake its master from his unconscious state. However, when this was not possible, the dog went to look for help having to face dangers from other wild animals and many other difficulties.
When the dog eventually arrived at a small town, it tried violently to attract people´s attention, but most people either ignored it or told it to go away. However, the dog persisted and at last managed to convince a boy to follow it. In conclusion, it was obvious that the animal was emotionally disturbed and the efforts it made to save its master showed a high degree of emotional feelings.


My grandmother lived in Madrid.
She was born in 1910, in her parents house.
She lived in Alonso Martinez, and her friend was José Antonio Primo de Rivera
She played in the park every day with him.
When she was young, she went to school and she studied there every day.

In those days she lived during the Spanish Civil War and she was crying everyday.
Where she used to live it was a nice place, because it was in the center of Madrid, and there were rich people living there.
She loved a friend, and after years she married him.
He was my grandfather. He was Guardia Civil.
My grandmother is my dad's mother, and she died in 2002.


I love music, I listen to it every day.
Music makes me feel relaxed, I forget all my problems and turn into a happy person.
I like singing and dancing with the music´s rythm.
The music that I like most is pop and reggeton.
My favourites singers are La quinta estación, El canto del loco, Andy y Lucas, Carlos Baute, Kiko y Sara, .... and I could go on and on.
Today, artists are profesionals and their songs are beautiful.
I wouldn´t mention any in particular as each one contributes to a variety of music.
So music is essential for me and I wouldn´t do anything without it.,

Do Animals really have Emotional Lives

I think that animals don´t have the same feelings or emotions as humans.

On the other hand, some species show to have human´s attitudes.

For example, the dog is called the man's best friend because it offers an absolute faithfulness to his master. It even feels jealousy if somebody takes up his place.
However, the ants don´t refllect to have feeling as other animals.

Although, some ather animals seem to have only instinct. But, it depends on what people think about this subject, because it can be a subject of discussion. There is evidence of animals being friendly to their masters until they are death and it certifies the feelings´s of animals.

In conclusion, I think that some animals like to show feelings the same as humans.

My Mice

Mice are beautiful animals and they are vey intelligent.
I had four mice, two black female mice and two albino female mice. Their name were Arya, Nymeria, Imala and Gwynith.
Arya and Nymeria, the black mice, could have been food for other animals in the zoo, but a man gave them to me. They came when they were 3 weeks old, they were very little and beautiful. (photo)

I trained them to come to me when I called them. They were nicer, funnier and very playloving. I loved them.

Arya photo

Nymeria photo

Adult Arya and Nymeria Photo

Imala and Gwynith arrived to me home when Arya and Nymeria were dead. I adopted them in an animal welfare programme that has a lot of small animals, rabbits, hamsters, ginea pigs, mice, rats,... to be adopted, the web site is

Imala and Gwynith were adult mice and because of that they were shier animals. They had allergy to almost everithing and Gwynith had lot of problems in the skin because of that. I took her to the vet lot of times.

Imala Photo

Gwynith photo

Nymeria and Gwynith were buried in Asturias. Arya was buried in "La Pedriza" and Imala in "El Espinar", not far from Madrid.

I still love them a lot!!

lunes, 4 de mayo de 2009

Real Ambitions

There are many kind of ambitions, but it is important to have many to get there and be motivated during the life. Ambitions should be well marked, starting from the small one like, having a house, getting a car, living in a family and improving all of them, trying no to stop or being demotivated. Everybody should have ambitions, some more than others, but obiously the money is a very important part, if you have money you will get them all. There are also social ambitions that could give you more freedom. Many people have ambitions it is a reality, but those who get them do not appreciate them because there are simple numbers which are marked.

lunes, 27 de abril de 2009


My favourite pet is a dog. They are so loving, caring and a true friend. My little dog, is a living example of what love is all about, and a she is my litle treasure and holds special place on my heart. Where in this world could you find a friend who is more faithful and pure of heart? I always know that when I get home, I have a friend waiting there for me. After a long day, it is always nice to be greeted by my trusting friend with the wagging tail. Her little eyes seem tosparkle like a diamond and her loving ways can soothe a weary heart.
A dog´s love is muselfish , pure and so ture. No finer friend could a person have than the love of a little dog. Little Dusty gives me great joy as she is an inspiration to me as she brings a smile to my face and a song to my heart. In the spring and summer when the weather is nice, we go for long walks and smells the flowers and the leaves along the woodland´s edge. She is a gentle little dog with a lond bark, though her back is worse that her bite.
Dusty,s love is a radiant as the summer sun and as pure as the morning dew. She is my ray of sunshine, even on a clondy day as she puts my mind at ease. My little Dusty teaches me to be patient and to care.
As her little eyes show me the true meaning of love and of what is important in life. In this hectic world of strees and strain, it is nice to have loyal and trusting friend who would give their life for you, if need be.

sábado, 25 de abril de 2009


The most important qualities that I appreciate more in a person would be, to be sincere,to be an easy going person with a good character. I would like that my friend would be a sentimental person and a lovely one; these are the most important values for me.
I would like that this person would respect and treat me politely, that she would appreciate my qualities and she should be honest with me.
At first sight phisycal appearance is important to me but later once you know someone, the outside could be irrelevant in front of the phsycological aspects.


My most important ambitions in life would be to finish my studies and being a ranger in the mountains, get a permanent job and buying a big house too. I would also like to have a girlfriend and get a stable relationshio with her, them , marrying her and keeping a wel balanced family.
I would like to be above all very happy, to be healthy and to have a big family who loves me. And I would also like to be an optimistic person inlife.

jueves, 23 de abril de 2009


My city district is in Madrid and it is called Aluche, that comes from A(=arroyo) L (=Luche), the name of a brook. It is not big nor small.
It has a very big and beautiful park. It has got an artificial stream. My city district has a commercial center and a hospital. It has got an underground and a railway station too. The truth is that my city district is very complete. It has got quite a lot of schools, quiet areas for the elderly, many discos for the young... I have always lived here. So, now I like it, but when I coul have my own house I should live outside Madrid and I will remember my district quite a lot!


Basketball is my favourite sport. When I was a little girl I played with my team a lot. I also played at the weekends with my father in my village.
There is much to run but it is a great fun because you get motivated a lot.
The best thing to me is getting two points in the basket.
It has been long ago since I have not played basketball, but now, I would like to play again with my sckoolmates in my free time.


My favourite Tv programme is I know what you did, in Spanish Se lo que hicisteis.
It is a programme that is in 'Channel 6' . It is an interesting programme. They make fun of the programmess broadcast in other channels. They are very funny. The presenter and protagonist is Patricia Conde.
My favourite series is in Spanish "La familia Mata" and other series like "Aida". They are very similar, and very funny. It is broadcast on Monday but it wotrth watching it.


This famous painting is the most representative of expressionism. Sinous canves, arbitrary and gaudy colours, feeling of auxiety and overwhelmed, formented beings and disturbing a pessimistic view of man and his reality. Hopelessness chairs Expressionistc tables, which, as you can see, show red sordid and grim beyond any resemblance to the world around us, it is dark to the pressimistic interpretations of that reality.

A Life with Ambitions.

A life without ambitions has no meaning

Everybody is born either in the country or in a city and the family environment is important in the future of each person. It isn’t the same if you are born in a rich or a poor country, the same as living in a high class or low class family. The ambitions are different, despite that there are people who are idealist and they will get their dreams getting rid off the environment.
I think that people should not be worried about their social status, their age, or their profession, but they always must have ambitions to fulfill and goals to achiev.
Life is a challenge we have to overcome step by step towards our target.
If you have got a goal to achieve, then you will enjoy day by day the efforts you are making, until you get it, because it can be enjoyable to fight to get our dreams too.
It isn't easy to live just your present life without thinking that you don't need to have a timetable, so that you can take profit of your time now to finish your studies and later in the future you’ll get a better position and then as a result, get plenty of free time to enjoy.

martes, 21 de abril de 2009

My Favorite Actor: George Clooney

His name is George Clooney and I'm going to tell a little about him.
Born on May 6, 1961 in Lexington, Kentucky, although still very small, his family moved to Cincinnati, where his father worked as a television presenter.
George Clooney was there where he began to take their first steps of art, with small roles on television in 21 years until he moved to Hollywood to try her luck as an actor.
His early works were small appearancesseries of television and soon began to be known until in 1994 they offered his first really important paper to him: it had to interpret doctor Douglas Ross, in the series ' Emergency' , paper with which really the fame arrived to him and began to him to arise supplies to work in the great screen. Some of their films are: " Batman and Robin" , " The thin red line" , " The perfect storm" , among others. Being name and securing many prizes like Gold Globes, Óscars and but statuettes. Besides being placed in the first positions between the handsome men but of the world.
Also it made debut as manager and it was name to the best manager in the prizes Oscar in 2005.
At the moment it has installed a company of Consultant's office of Image and has given services to several personages like Barack Hussein Obama.

domingo, 19 de abril de 2009


To have ambitions is very important, we need something for us to keep on going.
I´d like to study as a teacher training, to have a driving licence and get a car. Then I will buy a house and I´d like to have a permanent job and of course to create my own family. I´d like to be happy and above all to be positive in life.

I am not an ambitions person, I´d only like to carry on a normal life. Althong people are ambitions in general, and if If people have got one, then I would like to have two, because we always like even more.

For me the most important is to to develop my human cualities and to be happy.

Physical Appearance

Personal qualities are more important for me in a friend because the physical appearance will change in the future.
We should look at the interior of people. Friendship expresses a relationship based on knowing how is the other person, his feelings, his necessities...
On the other hand, we look at the physical aspect because it is the first thing that we are attracted by it.
In conclusion, we value the physical appearance in the first place. However, if we like to build a true friendship, we will select his personal qualities.
Therefore, people should avoid the external aspect because the inside is the most important in a person.

miércoles, 15 de abril de 2009

James D. Watson

James Dewey Watson, Chicago, April 6, 1928, American biologist and zoologist, known for being one of the discoverers of the structure of the DNA molecule, which earned his recognition from the scientific community through the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine. Watson has made several controversial statements, well discussed by other scientists and civil rights groups. The controversy first came up in the 90s, when he said he should be given to women the right of abortion if the pre-analysis showed that their child will be homosexual. In October 2007, Watson was severely criticized for pointing out, according to the Sunday Times that blacks need not possess the same intelligence as whites.

El Escorial

EL Escorial, a world heritage monument, was the political center of the empire of Philip II, where he organized his palace and library as well as its pantheon, that of his parents, Carlos I and Isabel of Portugal, and their antecessors and successors, where he built a great basilica and founded a monastery.
It is one of the most outstanding Renaissance architecture of Spain and Europe. Located in San Lorenzo de El Escorial and occupies an area of 33,327 m².

Set the location of the place in late 1562, the last stone was set in 1584, according to draft of Juan Bautista de Toledo and Juan de Herrera. The latter also built the two Houses of Trades, in front of the north facade of the monastery, and its continuation, by Francisco de Mora, the House of the Company.

lunes, 13 de abril de 2009

The Blind Hen

The Blind Hen (1788-1789)
Goya 17th- 18th century. Roccoco and Neo-classicism.
Blind Man´s Bluff was the only sketch that Goya painted, in fact the corresponding cartoon has got some changes different from the original design. This small sketch is now in the Prado Museum, thanks to the legacy of the patron and collector Fernández Durán.

*Subject matter: pleasant,humorous themes.

On the banks of the Manzanares river four couples form a cicle with a blindfolded man in the centre holding a wooden spoon.
Although the game is known as "La Gallina Ciega" in Spanish literally the Blind Hen, Goya´s own descripcion of the painting states that it represents various young men and women playing at the Cucharón, the Ladle.
The painter had already executed images of outdoor entertaiment, although this commission had the special feature of making reference to the festival of the patron saint of Madrid, Saint Isidro.
* Blind Man´s Bluff depicts an elegant, aristocratic game, aiming for a popular appearance, although without achieving it.

domingo, 12 de abril de 2009

My Holy Week and Easter

This Easter holiday has been an ordinary week, the most important aspect is that it has been the first time that I drove to the village in my new car, which is a Seat Ibiza.
The first days I have met some friends and we played the warhammer, and the most boring thing is going shopping. On Wednesday we left Madrid and we were held up in a traffic jam for a while. The car went very well, and though it is forbidden to drive faster than a hundred forty per hour, I did, but you don´t have to say it, as it is a secret.
We went to my father's home town, near Avila, in the direction of Barco the Avila, is called Muñotello, and it was really cloudy that day, it is normal because it is high up in the mountains, we didn't stop adding wood to the stove, as there isn't central heating there.
They have also opened a new bar in the village and we played darts every night there and have a drink as usual. I have been hiking away from the village and as it has snowed these days the mountain was really beautiful, it was a pity I didn't get the camera with me.
On the way back it has been more complicated, and not because there was a lot of traffic, but because I decided to drive along the high mountain pass and there, because of the altitude the car has had difficulties with fuel combustion. On the other hand the landscape was really beautiful and we enjoyed it a lot
So these have been my holidays this time.
Good-bye and see you soon.

ARTEMISA ( Rembrant)

Rembrant Harmenszoon van Rijn was born in Leiden 1606 and died in Amsterdam 1669,is one of the most typical painters of the European art. Rembrant was discovered by the poet Constantijn Huygens, Rembrant was a painter of stories, his painting was to describe people´s emotions and explore the human condition.

ARTEMISA 1634 is the one of the pictures in permanent collection of the Prado Museum.
It is 143cm/high 15,4

The painter represents the moment when Artemisa is ging to drink the ashes of her decased husband, Mausolo, offered in a cup.
It is an orderly composition,the image of Artemisa occupes the centre and her seat are illuminated against a dark background in which it makes and old faded woman. The light seems to be from thr right part Rembrant uses the chiaroscuro.

The picture inspires the viewer to think about the psychological position of the lady regarding the death of her husband at that historical time.

lunes, 6 de abril de 2009

Dear you all

I would like to wish you a nice Easter and for those who are really good explorers I would suggest to have a look at the following blog

I hope you will enjoy it, singing songs these days.
Wishing you all the best.
Keeping in touch.
See you

martes, 31 de marzo de 2009


The word "tattoo", that today we all know so well and it comes from Polynesia, are all those ornaments and drawings that are painted on human bodies forever. Always men in their past lives have left traces and signs, drawing their caves, like in Altamira, Santander, to make them more intimate and enjoyable. We can also talk about an old art, which the mummified bodies of prehistoric men were tattooed, and also the tools used to "paint their bodies" were recently found. In the antiquity, tattoos are considered to identify lower classes as slaves or prisoners. The Romans saw it as something antisocial, and those which were sentenced to prison, or later carried by sailors. Seeing tattoo had been transformed into something ugly and evil, something to think about poverty. Later on, tattoo was seen as a symbol of transgression, as they were in the 60`s, 70's and later in the 80`s. The punkies were those who were wearing piercings and tattoos. Nowadays, since 90`s, tattoo seems to be more than a symbol, it`s a lifestyle.
Body art changes the body to make it more attractive and desirable, and is also one of the best known practices of antiquity that we know. Our body belongs to us, nobody else, and we could decorate it with what we like best.


The falles is a traditional celebration in praise of Saint Joseph in Valencia,Spain.
The term falles refers to both the celebration and the monuments created during the celebration.
Each neighbourhood of the city has on organized group of people, the 'casa fallera' that works all the year long holding frundaising parties and dinners, usually featuring the famous speciallity paella.
Each casal faller builds a construction known as a falla which is eventually burnt at the end of the festivity.