lunes, 27 de abril de 2009


My favourite pet is a dog. They are so loving, caring and a true friend. My little dog, is a living example of what love is all about, and a she is my litle treasure and holds special place on my heart. Where in this world could you find a friend who is more faithful and pure of heart? I always know that when I get home, I have a friend waiting there for me. After a long day, it is always nice to be greeted by my trusting friend with the wagging tail. Her little eyes seem tosparkle like a diamond and her loving ways can soothe a weary heart.
A dog´s love is muselfish , pure and so ture. No finer friend could a person have than the love of a little dog. Little Dusty gives me great joy as she is an inspiration to me as she brings a smile to my face and a song to my heart. In the spring and summer when the weather is nice, we go for long walks and smells the flowers and the leaves along the woodland´s edge. She is a gentle little dog with a lond bark, though her back is worse that her bite.
Dusty,s love is a radiant as the summer sun and as pure as the morning dew. She is my ray of sunshine, even on a clondy day as she puts my mind at ease. My little Dusty teaches me to be patient and to care.
As her little eyes show me the true meaning of love and of what is important in life. In this hectic world of strees and strain, it is nice to have loyal and trusting friend who would give their life for you, if need be.

sábado, 25 de abril de 2009


The most important qualities that I appreciate more in a person would be, to be sincere,to be an easy going person with a good character. I would like that my friend would be a sentimental person and a lovely one; these are the most important values for me.
I would like that this person would respect and treat me politely, that she would appreciate my qualities and she should be honest with me.
At first sight phisycal appearance is important to me but later once you know someone, the outside could be irrelevant in front of the phsycological aspects.


My most important ambitions in life would be to finish my studies and being a ranger in the mountains, get a permanent job and buying a big house too. I would also like to have a girlfriend and get a stable relationshio with her, them , marrying her and keeping a wel balanced family.
I would like to be above all very happy, to be healthy and to have a big family who loves me. And I would also like to be an optimistic person inlife.

jueves, 23 de abril de 2009


My city district is in Madrid and it is called Aluche, that comes from A(=arroyo) L (=Luche), the name of a brook. It is not big nor small.
It has a very big and beautiful park. It has got an artificial stream. My city district has a commercial center and a hospital. It has got an underground and a railway station too. The truth is that my city district is very complete. It has got quite a lot of schools, quiet areas for the elderly, many discos for the young... I have always lived here. So, now I like it, but when I coul have my own house I should live outside Madrid and I will remember my district quite a lot!


Basketball is my favourite sport. When I was a little girl I played with my team a lot. I also played at the weekends with my father in my village.
There is much to run but it is a great fun because you get motivated a lot.
The best thing to me is getting two points in the basket.
It has been long ago since I have not played basketball, but now, I would like to play again with my sckoolmates in my free time.


My favourite Tv programme is I know what you did, in Spanish Se lo que hicisteis.
It is a programme that is in 'Channel 6' . It is an interesting programme. They make fun of the programmess broadcast in other channels. They are very funny. The presenter and protagonist is Patricia Conde.
My favourite series is in Spanish "La familia Mata" and other series like "Aida". They are very similar, and very funny. It is broadcast on Monday but it wotrth watching it.


This famous painting is the most representative of expressionism. Sinous canves, arbitrary and gaudy colours, feeling of auxiety and overwhelmed, formented beings and disturbing a pessimistic view of man and his reality. Hopelessness chairs Expressionistc tables, which, as you can see, show red sordid and grim beyond any resemblance to the world around us, it is dark to the pressimistic interpretations of that reality.

A Life with Ambitions.

A life without ambitions has no meaning

Everybody is born either in the country or in a city and the family environment is important in the future of each person. It isn’t the same if you are born in a rich or a poor country, the same as living in a high class or low class family. The ambitions are different, despite that there are people who are idealist and they will get their dreams getting rid off the environment.
I think that people should not be worried about their social status, their age, or their profession, but they always must have ambitions to fulfill and goals to achiev.
Life is a challenge we have to overcome step by step towards our target.
If you have got a goal to achieve, then you will enjoy day by day the efforts you are making, until you get it, because it can be enjoyable to fight to get our dreams too.
It isn't easy to live just your present life without thinking that you don't need to have a timetable, so that you can take profit of your time now to finish your studies and later in the future you’ll get a better position and then as a result, get plenty of free time to enjoy.

martes, 21 de abril de 2009

My Favorite Actor: George Clooney

His name is George Clooney and I'm going to tell a little about him.
Born on May 6, 1961 in Lexington, Kentucky, although still very small, his family moved to Cincinnati, where his father worked as a television presenter.
George Clooney was there where he began to take their first steps of art, with small roles on television in 21 years until he moved to Hollywood to try her luck as an actor.
His early works were small appearancesseries of television and soon began to be known until in 1994 they offered his first really important paper to him: it had to interpret doctor Douglas Ross, in the series ' Emergency' , paper with which really the fame arrived to him and began to him to arise supplies to work in the great screen. Some of their films are: " Batman and Robin" , " The thin red line" , " The perfect storm" , among others. Being name and securing many prizes like Gold Globes, Óscars and but statuettes. Besides being placed in the first positions between the handsome men but of the world.
Also it made debut as manager and it was name to the best manager in the prizes Oscar in 2005.
At the moment it has installed a company of Consultant's office of Image and has given services to several personages like Barack Hussein Obama.

domingo, 19 de abril de 2009


To have ambitions is very important, we need something for us to keep on going.
I´d like to study as a teacher training, to have a driving licence and get a car. Then I will buy a house and I´d like to have a permanent job and of course to create my own family. I´d like to be happy and above all to be positive in life.

I am not an ambitions person, I´d only like to carry on a normal life. Althong people are ambitions in general, and if If people have got one, then I would like to have two, because we always like even more.

For me the most important is to to develop my human cualities and to be happy.

Physical Appearance

Personal qualities are more important for me in a friend because the physical appearance will change in the future.
We should look at the interior of people. Friendship expresses a relationship based on knowing how is the other person, his feelings, his necessities...
On the other hand, we look at the physical aspect because it is the first thing that we are attracted by it.
In conclusion, we value the physical appearance in the first place. However, if we like to build a true friendship, we will select his personal qualities.
Therefore, people should avoid the external aspect because the inside is the most important in a person.

miércoles, 15 de abril de 2009

James D. Watson

James Dewey Watson, Chicago, April 6, 1928, American biologist and zoologist, known for being one of the discoverers of the structure of the DNA molecule, which earned his recognition from the scientific community through the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine. Watson has made several controversial statements, well discussed by other scientists and civil rights groups. The controversy first came up in the 90s, when he said he should be given to women the right of abortion if the pre-analysis showed that their child will be homosexual. In October 2007, Watson was severely criticized for pointing out, according to the Sunday Times that blacks need not possess the same intelligence as whites.

El Escorial

EL Escorial, a world heritage monument, was the political center of the empire of Philip II, where he organized his palace and library as well as its pantheon, that of his parents, Carlos I and Isabel of Portugal, and their antecessors and successors, where he built a great basilica and founded a monastery.
It is one of the most outstanding Renaissance architecture of Spain and Europe. Located in San Lorenzo de El Escorial and occupies an area of 33,327 m².

Set the location of the place in late 1562, the last stone was set in 1584, according to draft of Juan Bautista de Toledo and Juan de Herrera. The latter also built the two Houses of Trades, in front of the north facade of the monastery, and its continuation, by Francisco de Mora, the House of the Company.

lunes, 13 de abril de 2009

The Blind Hen

The Blind Hen (1788-1789)
Goya 17th- 18th century. Roccoco and Neo-classicism.
Blind Man´s Bluff was the only sketch that Goya painted, in fact the corresponding cartoon has got some changes different from the original design. This small sketch is now in the Prado Museum, thanks to the legacy of the patron and collector Fernández Durán.

*Subject matter: pleasant,humorous themes.

On the banks of the Manzanares river four couples form a cicle with a blindfolded man in the centre holding a wooden spoon.
Although the game is known as "La Gallina Ciega" in Spanish literally the Blind Hen, Goya´s own descripcion of the painting states that it represents various young men and women playing at the Cucharón, the Ladle.
The painter had already executed images of outdoor entertaiment, although this commission had the special feature of making reference to the festival of the patron saint of Madrid, Saint Isidro.
* Blind Man´s Bluff depicts an elegant, aristocratic game, aiming for a popular appearance, although without achieving it.

domingo, 12 de abril de 2009

My Holy Week and Easter

This Easter holiday has been an ordinary week, the most important aspect is that it has been the first time that I drove to the village in my new car, which is a Seat Ibiza.
The first days I have met some friends and we played the warhammer, and the most boring thing is going shopping. On Wednesday we left Madrid and we were held up in a traffic jam for a while. The car went very well, and though it is forbidden to drive faster than a hundred forty per hour, I did, but you don´t have to say it, as it is a secret.
We went to my father's home town, near Avila, in the direction of Barco the Avila, is called Muñotello, and it was really cloudy that day, it is normal because it is high up in the mountains, we didn't stop adding wood to the stove, as there isn't central heating there.
They have also opened a new bar in the village and we played darts every night there and have a drink as usual. I have been hiking away from the village and as it has snowed these days the mountain was really beautiful, it was a pity I didn't get the camera with me.
On the way back it has been more complicated, and not because there was a lot of traffic, but because I decided to drive along the high mountain pass and there, because of the altitude the car has had difficulties with fuel combustion. On the other hand the landscape was really beautiful and we enjoyed it a lot
So these have been my holidays this time.
Good-bye and see you soon.

ARTEMISA ( Rembrant)

Rembrant Harmenszoon van Rijn was born in Leiden 1606 and died in Amsterdam 1669,is one of the most typical painters of the European art. Rembrant was discovered by the poet Constantijn Huygens, Rembrant was a painter of stories, his painting was to describe people´s emotions and explore the human condition.

ARTEMISA 1634 is the one of the pictures in permanent collection of the Prado Museum.
It is 143cm/high 15,4

The painter represents the moment when Artemisa is ging to drink the ashes of her decased husband, Mausolo, offered in a cup.
It is an orderly composition,the image of Artemisa occupes the centre and her seat are illuminated against a dark background in which it makes and old faded woman. The light seems to be from thr right part Rembrant uses the chiaroscuro.

The picture inspires the viewer to think about the psychological position of the lady regarding the death of her husband at that historical time.

lunes, 6 de abril de 2009

Dear you all

I would like to wish you a nice Easter and for those who are really good explorers I would suggest to have a look at the following blog

I hope you will enjoy it, singing songs these days.
Wishing you all the best.
Keeping in touch.
See you