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The word "tattoo", that today we all know so well and it comes from Polynesia, are all those ornaments and drawings that are painted on human bodies forever. Always men in their past lives have left traces and signs, drawing their caves, like in Altamira, Santander, to make them more intimate and enjoyable. We can also talk about an old art, which the mummified bodies of prehistoric men were tattooed, and also the tools used to "paint their bodies" were recently found. In the antiquity, tattoos are considered to identify lower classes as slaves or prisoners. The Romans saw it as something antisocial, and those which were sentenced to prison, or later carried by sailors. Seeing tattoo had been transformed into something ugly and evil, something to think about poverty. Later on, tattoo was seen as a symbol of transgression, as they were in the 60`s, 70's and later in the 80`s. The punkies were those who were wearing piercings and tattoos. Nowadays, since 90`s, tattoo seems to be more than a symbol, it`s a lifestyle.
Body art changes the body to make it more attractive and desirable, and is also one of the best known practices of antiquity that we know. Our body belongs to us, nobody else, and we could decorate it with what we like best.


The falles is a traditional celebration in praise of Saint Joseph in Valencia,Spain.
The term falles refers to both the celebration and the monuments created during the celebration.
Each neighbourhood of the city has on organized group of people, the 'casa fallera' that works all the year long holding frundaising parties and dinners, usually featuring the famous speciallity paella.
Each casal faller builds a construction known as a falla which is eventually burnt at the end of the festivity.

I am a Bach. student

Hello everybody,
I think that you still do not know how do I look like. I am a 19-year-old boy, of medium height, of chestnut-colored and curly hair, with big and brown eyes, I'm wearing glasses, my nose is quite big and I have a normal mouth. My complexion is white.
My interests are to play with computer games, to go out with my friends, to read books and battles warhammer with the men lizard, also I do swimming and one year ago I got my driving licence so I drive a bit in Madrid. I have two younger brothers and my father works as a chief cook and my mother at a school. well,later I will describe you my family, that is enough for today.
Good-bye to you all


"Desafío extremo" is a TV programme that is broadcast on Sunday night at 21:30 in channel Four, "Cuatro".
Ths programme is starring as Jesús Calleja, a good clymber in Spain, in this second time, Jesús is being acompained in his amazing adventures by his brother, Quique Calleja, and also with a specialised group in each area where he goes. The programme shows how Jesús and his companions travel around the world in very exciting expeditions.
They climbed the Everest, "the Darwin mountain range", an unexplored land,1000 km high in the Anthartic. He also climbed the "Elbrus" in Russia, the highest in Europe, he climbed the Aconcagua in the Andes, he ran the rally of the Pharaohns on a motorbike, even he arrived to the North Pole to the point where the Earth is in its own axis.
That is to say, Desafío extremo is a TV programme for people who like sports, nature and mountain climbing. Jesús, the climber has a good sense of humour to this innovative documentary film.

"Los hombres de Paco"

"Los hombres de Paco" is a tv series produced by globomedia and issued by the Spanish television channel Antena 3. Its story line is about the experiences of three policemen,Paco, Mariano y Lucas, some clumsy but honest and and friendly bpeople. The series is based on the national police force, that is one of the first Spanish productions with a black sense of humour. Created by Daniel Écija and Alex Pina"Los Serrano", "Periodistas", the series is bsed in the Spanish fiction, approaching the police force in a human but homorous way.
The stories of Los hombres de Paco centre their attention on the family of Paco Miranda, the head of the group, who, after losing the extras of his job as policeman, must live in a very poor district with his family, his wife, his mother and his daughter. There he hnows his neighbour, and between he and his wife he is able to run a business in a bar just under the flat of the family.
The rest of the characters can be found in the other two colleagues, Mariano who is divorced, still in love with his wife, and Lucas as well as being the former boyfriend of Paco's sister-in-law, is beginning to fall in love with him.
Antena 3 the series in Dicember, after the emission of eight chapters, but it assured that it would give another opportunity him. The second season of the series was released in Antena 3 in the Prime Time of Thursday, from the 9 of February of 2006, braking its own record of hearing them. Fulfilling one second season of 18 episodes. The third season arrived at the chain with certain hope the 10 of January of 2007. The third and fourth season meetings were emitted, by the good results of the series. The fourth season finalized the 25 of July of 2007. The fifth season was released in television the 8 of January of 2008 al though Antena 3 decided to before relese it almost two days in Internet. The seventh season was released the 6 of January of 2009. In this new stage, it counts on the incorporation of Jimmy de Castro.


Tattoos are drawings of any nature wihch are made in diverse zones of the human body. We say any type of drawing, as does not exist a rule on which a tattoo cannot be made. Tattoos are purelly subjective. They will depend on the taste of the person, not only on its form but also on its seize, or colours to be used and how big a totattoo should be. Most of the tattoos are dark colour.
Tattoos are made by means of the breaking the epidermis with a sharp object, a needle which in his end takes red colour. When the skin pierced tattoos will be of indissoluble in the body tattooed.
Magical methods do not exist to be rubbed out. At present some plastic surgeries exist that try to eliminate tattoos by laser rays. However, when doing it a sacr is left.
Another important aspect is the election the place where tattoos are made. One cannot go to any part. Tattoos must follow sanitary permission given by the city councils and organisms of public health of each country. Tattoos shopuld all be made with needles which cannot transmit hepatitis A or B, or AIDS.
Gloves must be used only once. Tattoos of henna are made by means of natural colorants that are placed in the skin having demarcated the selected drawing, with no need to break the layer of epidermis. They do bot risk any infection and last few weeks.
Concerning the history, tattoos have been made from very old times. Many tribes who inhabited Polynesian or the Island of Japan, China or South American and African continents used tattoos in the face or on the body as a way to embellish its bodies and to demostrate manhood and maturity in the case of the men.
Even mommies older than those of Egypt, in towns of the Middle East, used tattoos in the antiquity to demonstrate the pain the loss of a dear being. Since tattoos were made whenever some near relative died.
In the 18th tattoos became famous in the West. This by means of the trips of the European sailors, by the Polynesian and islands of South America. Seeing those tattoos Europeans decided to practice some of them. Later, even several royal houses in Europe have had Kings, Princesses or Dukes who have made tattoos.

domingo, 29 de marzo de 2009

The Little Mermaid.

There was once a marvellous world at the bottom of the Ocean, where King Tritón lived with his daughters.

The youngest daughter had fair skin,her eyes as blue as the sea, and long red hair, and also a long fishtail with golden scales. There was no doubt that Ariel was the prettiest and happiest of all her mermaid sisters. Only one thing troubled the king: Ariel´s foundness for anything tha had to do with humans.

For this reason, King Neptune entrusted a small hermit crab, Sebastian, with the task of waching over her.

One night, Ariel and her friend Sebastian, a small goldfish, heard a loud explosion on the ocean's surface and swam to the surface, where they saw a great many fireworks shooting up into the sky. A group of sailors was on board a vessel, singing and dancing to celebrate birthday on prince Eric.

Ariel, fascinated by those strange beings they had never seen before, was filled with awe.

"How handsome he is", sighed the Little Mermaid, who had not taken her eyes of the prince for one moment.

Suddenly, the sky was overcast with black clouds and a strong wind started to blow. The vessel was rocked to and fro by gigant waves and in a few seconds a ray of lightening crossed the sky and split the ship in two.
"The ship is sinking! Grab the life boys and head for the lifeboats!", shouted the sailors.

The entire crew managed to get to safety, with the exception of the prince who fell into the water, after being hit by a wave.
When she saw him sink below the surface, the little mermaid quickly swam towards him, and managed to take him to the shore, so that he could recover. Ariel remained at his side, singing to him sweetly until she heard the sound of humans coming and returned to the sea.

Just then, Sebastian, the small crab, arrived on the scene.
"What were you doing with that human?". "I think I am in love", replied Ariel.

But that´s imposible! You´re a mermaid and you belong here, under the sea, cried Sebastian.

From that day on, Ariel was no longer the happy mermaid that everyone knew, and her father realised that someting was wrong. Sebastian, in fear, finally confessed to the king what had happened, and the king sent for his daughter. "I forbade you to have anuthing to do with humans", shouted the King. Why did you disobey me?. The King was furious and told Ariel she deserved to be punished, and that she should never again go up to the surface.

Ariel, weeping, told her friend Sebastian she would pay a visit to the sea witch totry and find a solution. The witch, an enormous jellyfish called Ursula, had magic powers like King Triton, but she always used them to do evil. So when she saw the little mermaid coming into her house, she rubbed her hands together in glee at the thought of all the mischief she could cause. Ariel told her all about prince Eric and asked her to tourn her into a human, but Ursula said she would only do so on two conditions:

I will make your wish come true, but in return I will take your voice and if you are unable to get prince to give you a kiss in token of his love with in two days, I will turn you into sea spray.

After accepting the proposition, Ariel drank the potion that the witch had prepared ad fell asleep. Shortly afterwards, she woke up on the beach, and found she had turned into a pretty human.

Sebastian didn´t stop complaining about what the king would say if he found out what she haddone, but Ariel was very happy to have two legs.

Suddenly she heard a noise. It was the prince who was taking a walk with his dog along the beach, When he saw her, he thought she had been shipwrecked and took her to the palace.

There in the palace, Ariel spent a few memorable days with the prince, buy just when she about to get him to kiss her, Ursula appeared, converted into a beautiful girl, singing with the sweet voice she had stolen from Ariel. On hearing the voice, the prince recognised it as the voice he had heard whem the mermaid had saved his life, and inmediately left Ariel and went to Ursla.
The powers of the witch made the prince fall in love with her, and their wedding was hastily planned.
But what Ursula did not know was that the little mermaid´s friend were getting ready to help her and in the middle of the wedding ceremony, they all turned up and organised a great uproar.
Sebastian finally managed to find Ariel´s voice with was licked away in a chest and return it ti her. Now, with her voice back, Ariel was able to explain everything to prince Eric who filled with fury, had the witch locked away in a cage at the botton of the sea.

King Triton finally agreed to make his daughter happy and let her stay with the humans and from that on Ariel and the prince lived happily ever after in the palace.
The End.

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In 1734, King Felipe V wanted to build the palace which was of stone and brick.
The Royal Palace was built between 1738 and 1755, where the king Carlos III lived, in 1764.
For the interior decoration the workers used rich materials: Spanish marble, stucco, mahogany in the doors and windows and finally paintings of main artist in those years.
The decoration of Royal Palace has changed, but some things are preserved.
From Carlos III period is kept "El Salón del trono", "La Cámara del Rey" (or of Gasparini) and "La Sala de 
The Carlos IV period keeps "El Salón de los espejos" and the Alfonso XII period is "El Comedor de Gala".
The art of Royal Palace is a select gallery of painting: "Poliptico de Isabel I La Católica" (Juan of Flandes), "Salomé con la Cabeza del Bautista" (Caravaggio), "Caballo" (Velazquez) or several Goya's painting.

The Royal Palace's garden are called "Campo del Moro" is from the Felipe II period.
The Oriental's square was called that way because it was in the East side of the Royal Palace.

TV and Radio.

I don´t watch TV programmes a lot, I only watch the news and some soap opera at night. On th radio I only listen to music and I do not always listen to the same radio sending.

There is a new soap opera on TV that it is called "Is there anyone there?" and it is about fear and I like it very much. It deals with a family who moves to a new house and there are phantoms and ghosts in it... and the family was thinking of beginning a new life in that house to solve all their problems.


I´m in favour of tattoos because I have got one. They look like a kind of expressing one's feelings and it is a form of being the only one because nobody is never going to take one like yours, or at least not in the same place. I must also say that I´m not in favour of the tattoos in excess, for example, as a salesman on a shop, but I like it and I don´t see it negatively.

It is also true that, at the moment of making your mind up of choosing a tatto, you have to think very much, because it is for the whole life.

My favorite programme: The Boarding School.

It is a series in which there are five main characters and they are helped by two children.

Everybody tries to discover the secret that it is hidden in the Boarding School, where they live and everything can happen.

It is a series of intrigue, mystery, romance... which broadcasts episodes and it deals with different matters, this is to catch the attention of many spectators.

When we are thinking about all that we see all the characters that are involved there
In conclusion, the Boarding School is the best series that I have watched on television and I advise to see it because it is funny and interesting.

viernes, 27 de marzo de 2009


Tatoos have a lot of variety of meanings for example in a religious form the tatto objective was to receive the god´s attention and their protection, as well as punishment of the persons accused of sacrileg.
In the battle, the warriors of different tribes celebrated their victories at war making tattoos themselves.
The have a festive or a gratitude meaning and another one is to frighten the enemies.
I think that when you make a tatoo you have to take in consideration the money that they cost and the inconveniences that they cause in your skin and not only those but also you have to be careful with the infections.


Tattoes were an Eurasian practice in neolithic times. The utility of the tattoes is diverse: identification, cosmetics, religion and enchantment. There some designs that many people choose at the moment of doing it in their body. Something that probably remenbers love of the past or a special moments in their lives.

Tattoos are nowadays for many people an "artistic design" that beside decorating the body, it forms a part of identity and style refered to their personality.

Society has a wroung vision of tattos far from being a link with a group. They represent a culture without prejudices, of a wider criterion. There is now a fashion for young people who seek to embellish their body, who want to represent in themselves a real dream.


Pictos are people who live in Scotland. They paint on their bodies symbols with the blue color.
They were celtic people who lived in small groups. They had priestess and druids, their women had a very important role in society, they were quack, priestess and represent the goddess.
The pictos were farmers but in the batle were fierce warriors.
Some people say pictos went to the battle nacked, with their bodies painted.

They were singular people.


Tattos have got a highly demande by young people, tattos are simbolic drawings they like to call the attention. But many are tattoed all the body and in my opinion it is horible, this people cant find any job, it is very difficult for them.
Tattos are accepted by all the present society but old people do not agree, they think the young people are crazy. Tattoos are good but small tattos but my advise is if you want to get an important job do not get tattoed.


Tatoos have existed since long ago, first in tribes and now in todays society. Tatoos have advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion tattos are not art but I think that all are not art. Art is a painting that has life and tattos are beutiful but there are only simbolic drawings and expensive for what they are. Ithink tatoos are good but only small tattoos.

My Best Friend!

My best friend is called Marta. She is twenty-one years old and she lived in Madrid.
Personally I think she is a responsible person, and gives me very good advice.
She studies Tourism because she wants to become a stewardess.
She loves dancing with her friends. She is very cheerful. She is also very frank and always says what she thinks.
She has got brown eyes and a pail complexion and long brown hair, too. She has got middle height and an attractive body. She has got two piercings, one in the tongue and other in her nose. She has got long delicate fingers with beautiful painted nails.

In short, because of her character she is my best friend! I enjoy beeing with her!


I am a student of Larra, I live in Madrid.


Lynn Hill, who was born in 1961, is an American climber and she started climbing when she was 14 years old.
Lynn is very famous because in 1994 she was the first person, male or female, who went free climbing,without material support "The Nose", a famous route on "El Capitan", Yosemite.
The wall is 900 metres high and went up in incredible time, in less than 23 hours!

miércoles, 25 de marzo de 2009

My Grandfather

His name is Pepe.
I have known only a grandfather and a grandmother on my father's side. My grandfather was born in 1930. He got three sisters.
My grandfather is a very funny and nice person. He married my grandmother and had four children. His father died in the Civil War, and his mother because of her old age. He ran a shop of printing, a library, and a stationary.
They started to work in the shop of my uncle's granfather, Fernando. A year ago I started to work with them. My grandfather couldn't go to the shop last week because he had fallen down and he had broken his left hip.

martes, 24 de marzo de 2009


In my opinion, I like tattoos although I haven´t got any.
Perhaps I will get a tattoo in the future, when I organize a rock band, I´ll get a tattoo of a logotyphe of my group, or the name of my group. I will paint it on my right or left arms or onn my shoulders or on my back.
In the past people associated tattoos with criminals, murders, and pirates, that is to say with outsiders.Today almost everybody has got at least one and this can be nice, but I don´t like people who have got lots of tattoos on his body or all over his body.There are tribes who have got tattoos because of religion or because of his culture.
What do you think about it?


The Taj Mahal is a mausoleum.a burial monument which was built between 1631 and 1654 in the city of Agra, India next to the river Yamuna by the muslim Emperor Sha Jahan.
The Taj Mahal was built to remenber his love for his favorite wife, Arjumand Bano Bagum, better known as Mumtaz Mahal. She died when she was giving birth to her fourteenth son. The Taj Mahal mixed Islamic, Persian, Indian and Turkish architectures and it was build with a Romantic character.
During his construction it was needed the team work of twenty thousand workers.
In 1983, it was recognized as UNESCO world heritage, and the Taj Mahal was appointing one of the seven wonders of the world.

domingo, 22 de marzo de 2009


"The Entierro of Orgaz" Greco´s masterpiece is located in Santo Tome´s church in Toledo, Spain.
The picture represents the two dimensions of the human existance, below we can see the death, above heaven and the eternal life.
This is a colourful drawing that creates emotion, characters with faces sharpened in a dark background and colours. It has a great quantity of shadows and a lot of mixterious colours.

sábado, 21 de marzo de 2009


The painter is Hieronymus Van Aeken Bosch, "El Bosco", the favourite painter of Felipe II, whose favourite piece is the one I'm going to talk about.
The picture belongs to the Early Flemish School, and it is a triptych painted oil on panel (2,20x3,89 m). This work was painted in 1503 or 1504 and it is exhibited in The Prado Museum in Madrid since 1940. The painting is an allegory of lust, a painted satire of men's sins and madness. The work condemns the delights of the senses, symbolized by fruits. The outer sides are painted in grisaille with a description of the Creation of the World.
-Left wing: the theme is the Original sin. God introduces Adam and Eve on Paradise. In the centre, the Fountain of Life. The owl, and other exotic animals that surround it, symbolized sin.
- Central panel:it shows the Mankind dominated by carnal pleasure. In a broad landscape setting, neked men and women abandon themselves to sensual pleasures, symbolized by ephemeral red fruits as strawberries, raspberries and cherries. The landscape, with its capricious architecture, is part of the elaborate symbolism. In the centre of the panel is the Fountain of Adultery. Surrounding it there are figures and fantastic beasts engaging in frenzied, erotic acts. The world of folly is an evil one. The are no shadows because it is an intellectually conceived world.
-Right wing: the theme is the punishment for all sins. Hell is imaged as an obscure place with fires that recede into the distance, inhabited by demons and monsters that torment the damned.
PT: I have been guided by a few notes I took during my visits to the Prado Museum.

martes, 17 de marzo de 2009

Cariocas (juggling sing)

The cariocs are stuffed balls of painted cork and with many colors, tied on the one hand to a rope. The length depends on the height of each person. On the other side it has got sewed weightless tapes of a great very of colours. It is an instrument of juggling sing that is used to dance, while with hands you can move them in circles with a great variety of possibilities.

George Pompidou Buildig

The George Pompidou is a building placed in Paris. It is a very big and rectangular building that has got all the metal structures externally built, that is to say the pipelines of running water, electric light, and the air conditioning. It is a very innovative building and it calls the attention to everyone because it is made of window-panels and has got every pipelines of a different colours. It is placed next to an area in a small square where we can find a showy and multicoloured fountain.

My Favourite Singer

My favourite singer is a black artist who has got short and black hair, she has a bit long fringe. She has got a broad nose and broad lips. She is quite tall and thin. She hasn´t got tattoos or piercings.

Salvador Dalí

T his picture belongs to Salvador Dalí, in the epoch of his deliriums. In the background there is a landscape of a beach with the sea and a cave to the right. On the second place there is a table to the left side with a small and dry tree, of which it hangs melted clok as the one on the table. To the left side we find a melted clock that differes from something white. On the first place, on the table to the left side, we find a pocket clock.

domingo, 15 de marzo de 2009


Biography of Beatriz Ferrer-Salat

She is a Spanish horse rider. She began her sport carrier when she was 16 years old. She is important in tame classic and she has won a lot of competitions. Besides she has won two Olympic Medals (one silver, for team and one bronze) in the Olympic Games of Athens in 2004 where she made her best performance. She is the best horse rider in Spain.

She was born in 1966 in Barcelona, the daughter of the president of Spanish Olympic Committee, Carlos Ferrer-Salat who died a few years ago.
She is a qualified and intepreter teacher. Now, she is 40 years old, she is single and lives in Barcelona, she hasn’t got any children yet.
Because of her participation in Athens, Beatriz Ferrer-Salat has been chosen to become a member in the Sport Council as the most attractive an elegant lady and she was aworded the Queen Sofia Prize.

Skin art


In the past most people associated tattoos with sailors and bikers. But tattoos have become more popular in recent years.
People think about tattoos that ink pictures are in the epidermis but this isn´t true; the ink is in the dermis. Since any picture wouldn't be potential for infection and disease transmision, tattoo artists use sterilization to protect themselves and their clients, even materials are single use.
Some Americans with tattoos say they feel more sexy and more attractive. A lot of people who haven't got any tattoos, however, think that people who have got them look less attractive, more rebellious and less intelligent.
But even small tattoos should cost from 50 to 100 dollars. Custom tattoos and larger designs are more expensive.
In conclusion, some people who would have never thought of tattooing representatios now they would be thinking in them.


The picture is about a mobile sony ericson an orange background.
The price is 19$ with the company orange.
The slogan advertising is " I LOVE ELEGANCE".
Is a mobile sony ericsson, the model t700.
Mobile leads the chamber 3.2 mpx and has 10mm thick.
The advertising message is that if you change the wing Orange mobile company it will cost you 19$, and is a very stylish mobile with foil.


Is a very pretty woman who has got blue eyes and thin eyebrows.
She has got a round face and wide mouth where her white teeth can be seen.
She has got long chestnut hair and a small and round nose that makes her very attractive.

sábado, 14 de marzo de 2009


Tattoes were an Euroasian practice in Neolithic times, being enclosed in a mummy of that epoch. In the year 1991 a neolithic mummy was inside a glacier of the Alps, Italian south wing. The mummy had got 57 tattoes in the back. This mummy is known as the Man of the Ice or as Ötzi, is the ancien human corpse with skin, who lived in the antiquity, whose age is different according to different scientists.

The word tattoo comes from `tattoo´, which in his turn comes from the Samoan term `tatau´, that means to mark or to strike two times.

In the the Royal Spanish Academy the word tattoo hasn't got an entry, but only as 'tatuaje'.

viernes, 13 de marzo de 2009


Tattoos are very attractive as you can see them in summer and they are very artistic too. Today there are a lot of people with tattoos, but it doesn´t mean that they are more important than the people who don´t wear them.
The disadvantage of wearing tattoos is that you can get tired of it, and it can´t be taken out. They are also very expensive.
Therefore, people have to think very carefully which one they like.
It took me a lot of time to make my mind up.
I like to wear a dolphin in the back, because it is my favorite animal, and furthermore I will have one at the back of my left shoulder.
My uncle has two tattoos, one in the calf muscle (a Viking) and another in his arm
(it is a armband). He said to me that when I like to have one his friend could print me one, the one that I like the best.

martes, 10 de marzo de 2009

"The persistence of time" Salvador Dalí

It´s called "The persistence of Time" and its painter is Salvador Dalí. It is a surrealist painter. The picture shows the bay of Port Lligat at dawn. The landscape is simple, we can see the sea at the bottom and small rock formations on the right. There are four clocks, which seem to mark six o´clock, one of them is a pocket watch, and three other watches soft and deformed. One of the clocks hangs in the branch of a three, that seems to grow over a wall. Further down, in the center of the picture, another watch is on a face with long eyelashes inspired by the rock cape Creus. The third watch is, perhaps, about to slip down the wall, and there is a clock flying. At his side, over the wall, there is a fourth clock, a pocket watch, it is closed and above it there is a multitude of ants that are not there by chance.

The Cat

The cat or domestic cat is a small carnivorous mammal. There are dozens of breeds, some hairless other tailless as a result of genetic mutations, and they have a wide variety of colours. They are skillful predators which can hunt more than one hundred different species of animals for food. Some have the ability to be trained to manipulate simple mechanism. They communicate with groans, hisses, grunts and about a hundred different vocalizations, in addition to body language.